This Smart Airbus Case Could Mean You Never Lose Your Luggage Again

This concept case by Airbus, which pairs up directly with your iPhone, could mean you never lose your bag again. Called Bag2Go, it uses a GPS tracker, 2G mobile connection and an RFID chip built directly into the case itself to record its whereabouts.

The idea is to allow airports to pair its unique ID with handling systems — and in turn log its location against its owner’s travel itinerary. But a paired iPhone can also show the owner data about the case, and even inform them if it’s been opened.

That’s not where smart stops either: the thing has a set of scales built into the handle to let you check the weight, and Airbus suggests that the tracking tech could provide people with the confidence to use a door-to-door luggage service so they don’t need to lug it themselves. Created in collaboration with T-Mobile and luggage maker Rimowa, it’s very much a prototype — but Airbus is hoping to license out the technology. [Australian Business Traveller via MacRumors via The Verge]