This Simple First Aid Kit Will Let You Save Yourself Single-Handedly

For most accidents around the home, all you really need is a simple first aid kit — and preferably one that's easy to use. Designed by Gabriele Meldaikyte, the Home First Aid Kit only needs one free hand and is intended to be easy for even children to use.

It's a really neat concept, built upon screen-based interaction design. The result is simple, logical, kinda beautiful and plenty useful enough for most household mishaps. Meldaikyte explains:

My design divides the first aid kit according to particular injuries: Burns/scalds are marked in yellow colour, minor cuts/scratches are in orange and bleeding/deep cuts are red. Every injury is described in steps, guiding the casualty through the treatment process. I have provided special tools to enable this one-handed treatment. These include a bandage applicator, where bandage can be applied much faster and can be cut off with integrated blades (replacing scissors). A plaster and dressing applicator that works like a stamp: where you tear off the top protection layer and then you stamp it on the cut, with the remaining layer working as a protection for the next plaster etc.

Ideal for schools as well as at home, it's a really neat piece of design. Sadly, though, it's still a concept — but let's hope it won't stay that way for long. [Gabriele Meldaikyte via Core 77]

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