This Longboard Stroller Might Help You Fend Off Parental Lameness

Once you have kids your coolness factor starts a slow but inevitable decline towards a lame life of tucking in Polo shirts and constantly stressing over mutual funds. But before your kids reach their teenage years, there are ways to prolong your coolness, like swapping your stroller — as expensive or tricked out as it may be — with one that's attached to a longboard.

Assuming you're an experienced skater who hasn't fallen in years, these Longboard Strollers provide a more entertaining option for carting your kids around since you get to come along for the ride. There's no word on pricing or availability just yet, or how much paper work you'll need to fill out, so its creators aren't held legally responsible when you inevitably crash, but the Longboard Strollers have reached the prototype stage without any serious reported injuries — with the emphasis on reported. [Longboard Stroller via Gizmag]

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