This Is The Propane Tank Bench Of Hank Hill’s Dreams

This Is The Propane Tank Bench Of Hank Hill’s Dreams

The King of the Hill definitely never went this far with his love for an open flame. Meet Colin Selig, a California designer who fabricates sleek, sinuous couches out of metal sheets cut from empty propane tanks.

Selig’s inspiration for one of his many pieces of upcycled petro-furniture came not from a King of the Hill marathon, but from a gentle suggestion from his wife that he clean the house. The very first chair started with an old propane tank they had on their property that Selig didn’t want to get rid of. Here’s what he has to say about the sustainable seats:

I was intrigued by the design challenge and ecological statement involved in taking this ubiquitous, utilitarian container out of the waste stream and transforming it into an object more sensual in form and sophisticated in function. After making sure the tank was purged of any remaining gas I began by cutting off the ends and mounting them on my work table. Then I welded in a seat and back rest from the central cylindrical portion.

The end-products are inspired pieces of furniture that look like they belong in Tomorrowland. They’re eye-catching, but are they comfortable? Yup, says Selig, thanks to the old tank’s friendly curves. This one is based on Salvador Dalí’s “Mae West” sofa:

And here a few other designs:

Using a plasma cutter to cut the tanks into careful pieces, Selig’s made about 30 benches since the project started in 2010. And, dammit Bobby, they appeal to the luxury crowd, retailing at places like Neiman Marcus and the Internnational Contemporary Furniture Fair for anywhere between $4000-$11,000, depending on the size. Who knew this is where propane tanks go to die? Or to begin a new life! [Colin Selig via AtlanticCities]

Pictures: Colin Selig