This Is How Much Pot Is Seized At The US-Mexico Border

The Center for Investigative Reporting is doing a really serious and extensive multi-part series on the drug trade and border patrol at the US-Mexico border. There are budget analyses, infographics and policy reviews. This is legit reporting. But you know what, sometimes you get so wrapped up in your work that you don’t realise you’re getting a contact high. It happens. And it’s the only thing that explains this video.

7711 tonnes of pot. That’s a lot right? If that were a cube it would be as big as a baseball diamond wouldn’t it? Let’s find out! How much taller would a joint made with 7700 tonnes of pot be than the Statue of Liberty? Let’s compare! And come on the Washington Monument might as well be a joint, right? Bust out the 3D GoogleMaps renders!

All these questions and more are answered by this video. You gotta hand it to them, though, if the goal was to impress the sheer amount of seized pot on us, it worked. That’s a lot of pot. [Center for Investigative Reporting]