This Could Maybe Possibly Be The Next iPhone’s Screen And Guts

It’s that time of the year again, when Apple’s next iPhone is probably being built in factories all over China, resulting in random parts being spat out onto the internets. Today, we have both a screen and a logic board, supposedly from the incoming iPhone 5S or whatever it ends up being called.

If real, what can we really tell from the guts? Well, there’s not much changed from the internals of the iPhone 5, which isn’t exactly a surprise. The screen is around about four inches, and the logic board and processor slot are almost identical to the iPhone 5′s. Could this mean that what we’re looking at here is a knock-off of an iPhone 5′s guts? Of course! But that’s just the way the rumour cookie crumbles.

At any rate, take this with an industrial-sized heap of salt. It’s about the right time to start building phones for a pre-Christmas launch, so parts showing up shouldn’t be a shock. If these are real though, it just goes to show, yet again, that Apple’s legendary secrecy died with Jobs, and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. [MacRumours]

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