This Amazing Lego SR-71 Blackbird Will Make You Miss The Cold War

Paweł “Sariel” KmiecPlus, the video gets bonus points for using Daft Punk.

If you’re not familiar with the Lockheed SR-71 “Blackbird,” you’re in for a treat. The Lady in Black was developed as a long-range, strategic recon craft, capable of flying at Mach 3, at 85,000 feet (though theoretically it could also achieve speeds up to Mach 6). Not only was it the fastest plane ever built, it also carried the most advanced photographic tech available. It served the USAF from 1964-1998. If this spy plane looks familiar it’s because it was used in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The model is mounted on a control mast and built on a simple technic frame that runs through the central hull. What’s probably most impressive (besides the engineering) is that this is Sariel’s first Lego aircraft build. There’s an incredible amount of features and such amazing attention to detail, from the brake flaps to rotating motors. You can read more about the intricacies of the build here. Overall, it’s a sleek, elegant and aeronautically-orgasmic piece of kit.