The Wildly Functional Studio Of Video Wizard Casey Neistat: Part I

Casey Neistat makes movies. His products are homegrown and eccentric as though they were built from sticks and stones. But they are also often brilliant and have clearly caught on, at least enough to garner a presence on the New York Times website and HBO. Much of Neistat’s magic is concocted in a bright SoHo loft that is as every bit as weird and wonderful as his movies. One that he let us explore.

This is part one of a three-part video series taking you inside the studio of Casey Neistat.

A workspace can be your best friend or worst enemy, especially when it comes to reining in the expansive amounts of detritus accrued by the DIY enthusiasts and gadget-obsessed of the world. Neistat embraces an ethos of complete functionality, which he enacts through home-built solutions that suit his very own style of working. This, combined with imagination and diversity, make for a unique aesthetic.

That’s the true joy of Neistat’s workshop. Everywhere you look, something tells a story.