The Private Yacht Of Kitchen Sinks Has Room For Weeks Of Dirty Dishes

If you can't help but stare in awe whenever you get the chance to peek inside a professional kitchen at a restaurant, you'll be ecstatic to hear that KWC's Waterstation is actually designed for home use. Albeit a home with a very big kitchen and enough disposable income to afford a $15,000 sink, but it's nice to know such luxury exists for when you make it big.

A series of pie-shaped cutting boards and drainage pans can be arranged around the sink making food prep and cleanup super easy. And a gooseneck tap lets you blast away food from dinnerware and nearly every last inch of stainless steel. For most of us, a kitchen sink that's large enough to double as a kiddie-pool is a dream that will probably never come true. But for those who can afford it, please don't look down on us when we come to visit and beg to do the dishes.

[KWC via Fancy]

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