The Prettiest Way To Find Out What iOS 7 Features Your iPhone Won't Get

iOS 7 looks lovely, but it's not all about appearances; the new operating system is bringing some nice new features as well. But even if you get the upgrade, you might not get all the fun stuff that comes with it.

We laid down some of iOS 7's limitations on various devices right after WWDC, but this nice visual aid from The Apple Lounge shows it way better than words ever could. Looks like everyone who doesn't have an iPhone 5 or iPod Touch is out of luck in one way or another. Fortunately the super useful ones like multitasking and Control centre are coming to everyone, but things like AirDrop are a bit harder to come by.

There's always going to be some fragmentation somewhere. Just be glad the design refresh is for (mostly) everyone. [The Apple Lounge via Cult of Mac]


    I like how it says iTunes Radio (U.S. only) a useless feature for rest of us

    I don't get why the iPhone 4S doesn't have filters in Camera... Yeah it does in Photos so not the biggest deal, but surely it's more than capable of handling it in real time. *Insert typical "plenty-of-third-party-apps-do-it" saying here*

      Im assuming it's because the iPhone 4s doesn't have enough memory

    So the 3GS is now dropped off the upgrade list?

      It was never on there. Wouldn't say it was made clear from the start but the 3GS hasn't been listed at all for iOS 7.

        Oh this good news, certain older members of my family will finally stop bricking their phone with each update XD

    Here is the thing I don't get, the ipad mini is basically a ipad 2 yet the mini gets airdrop and ipad 3 users do not.

      Apple said at there keynote that this was because the newer products have a different Wi-Fi Chip (one that suports Airdrop)

        Yep, that's the one.

        Unfortunately this new WiFi chip that supports AirDrop is also horrendous on WPA2 Enterprise networks. Trade-offs I guess, but I'd rather be able to maintain a connection at work than send someone a photo.

    whats up with the ipad 3 not having airdrop? i thought it was the same as ipad4 but without the new port?

      Apple said at there keynote that this was because the newer products have a different Wi-Fi Chip (one that will suport Airdrop)

    I reckon apple is talking BS about "the new chip" christ its just a connection to another device and how many different devices connect to one another around the world from iDevice to Droids to my fecken printer....

      This many
      Apple is not BSing about the chips; iFixit would suggest otherwise

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