The PlayStation 4 Is $US399, Plays Used Games, Online Not Required

Seriously, Sony just won E3. It not only unveiled the look of the PlayStation 4 today at E3, it also unveiled just how much we'd all pay for it too. It's $US399.

Kotaku PlayStaion 4 Live Blog: All The News As It Happened

No confirmed Australian price yet, but come "holiday season 2013", the PlayStation 4 will hit shelves around the world for $US399, €399 in Europe and £349 in the UK.

Is this game over for Microsoft and its Xbox One? As far as we can tell, Sony just won E3.

Sony also wants you to know that sharing games is pretty easy, uploading this hilarious video to its YouTube account.


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    Sony can take my money any day. I think the PS4 will be about $470AUD.

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      Agreed. Much prefer to give it to Sony than Microsoft.
      Meanwhile....the console is kinda ugly right? Ah who cares.

        Ugly? I personally love that split up 4 cut design.

      heraldsun is reporting it to cost $549 in australia... if true.. it's disgusting... xbox one will be at $599... only $50 price difference

    I'm taking bets that Xbox One and PS4 will be exactly the same price in Australia.

      Disagree. I'm sure even Apple couldn't justify its iTax with this price differential. I'm tipping $499, $549 max. Perhaps the latter, considering Australia's tendency to overprice.

      Edit: $549, according to EB Games. Shouldn't be surprised, I suppose!

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        This is why I am sad GAME is no longer with us :(. They would do a great deal comparin git with JB-HiFi

      PS4 pre-order seems to have been confirmed and it is less than for the XB1.

      That is certainly another win for Sony.

        Yep, $50 less but camera is not included. Including the camera, I'd expect the PS4 would be slightly more expensive.

          Yeh but do you actually want the camera?

            I don't know what the PS one is capable of but I'd definitely want the Kinect one. It's capable of some pretty cool stuff.

    Was a very slick presentation. Sony killed it in my opinion, Microsoft looks like they tried to reach to far, and Sony is taking advantage of it.

    Europe and the UK get ripped off again, that's sad. Should be 300 euros or 250 GBP to be fair. That doesn't bode well for Australian pricing.

    Edited to add: Europe has a 33% markup and the UK has a 40% markup on price. If they give Australia a 33% markup as well, we'll be looking at a $600 console after GST is applied, which would be the same as the XB1. So @technojames you might be right there.

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      pricing is always based on relative purchasing power, not direct conversion.

        Regional price discrimination is based on prices that can be determined and protected by market control. It's not possible to restrict sales on a regional basis in the modern age of easy online shopping and international shipping. Microsoft seems to appreciate this, but disappointingly Sony is holding on to their old ways.

      The US prices never include tax because it's different in each state. The UK prices include 20% VAT so yeah its bad but only about half as much.

        True. VAT should be 17% I think, which would still put it 23% overpriced.

    Great price. Understandable since it doesnt include the camera. I'm more interested with the XBO with the kinect alone as I rarely play games anyway, and the ones i am interested in are the Xbox exclusives

      I have a feeling the Playstation with camera will be the same or more expensive than the Xbox One.

    Quick question, during the keynote, he mentioned that PS Plus members get access to online multiplayer, however, when mentioning non PS Plus members, he never mentioned that you could do this as well,, have sony confirmed that multiplayer is free like it is on PS3?

      It was pretty clear from the conference that non PS+ only have access to single-player campaigns. I think he said that pretty much outright.

    And what price the games for PS4? I would imagine publishers would price them higher than Xbox due to them losing income for used-game sales etc.

    Can someone tell me what exclusives are coming for PS4? I honestly can't find that info.

    Well, it looks like I'll be getting my first PlayStation then.

    This is interesting indeed. I was determined not to buy any console due to various concerns over used games, online requirements and such, but with the recent announcement of Metal Gear Solid 5, I'm intrigued, but still wary because of Sony's actions regarding Geohot.

    Do I give Sony my money to play MGS5? Or do I hope for a PC release? (ha!), or do I just not bother and continue playing games on Steam?

    Confirmed as $549 for Aus

    PlayStation AU @PlayStationAU

    PlayStation 4 Australian pricing revealed: $549 RRP #PS4

    Sony's entire announcement was incredibly boring, they announced more "exclusive features" for a heap of games, without many exclusive games. No HD stream on the Playstation definitely dampened the announcement. Even the crowd was barely cheering compared to the Xbox show, until... Second hand games, woo?

    Seriously, you all claim it's all about the games, but it seems Microsofts E3 announcement was far more impressive on the games front.

    Hopefully Microsoft can hit back with cheaper games due to more restrictive DRM, if so I couldn't care about second hand.


        Gotta be some of us to balance all the "[email protected]*@!&^$* SONY WINS ALL THE CONSOLES AND INTERNETS 4LYF" Sony fans out there.
        Seriously, people had the nerve to call the Xbox One ugly and then praise the mighty Sony rhombus as stylish...

          ...yeah, but at this point, it just comes off as sour grapes.

      Admit it, you're hurt :(

        The only thing that hurt my feelings is that Sony have barely done anything to improve the PS3 I've owned since the original 40gb non backwards compatible, and to rub it in they can't even offer a HD livestream of the announcement over the XMB like Microsoft can.

      i agree with you mate. ps4 buyers might regret it in 5 years time when developers are taking full advantage of the Xbone's cloud processing to do things that the ps4 will struggle with. MS is doing exciting things for console gaming, i will put up with DRM rather than essentially just buy a beefed up ps3.

        Realistically it's going to come down to the same thing as this gen. Which device is easier to develop for? If it's the Xbox again with the PS4 plagued with buggy ports like the PS3 has been then the only Playstation games worth owning will be exclusives.

        This is what killed the PS3 for me and ended up with me buying an Xbox a year and a half ago. I couldn't stand another crappy Xbox developed port.

        I've never traded a game in anyway, don't lend them out, and only buy crappy games I want to have a go of but would never pay full price for second hand.

    I'm not really that concerned with the price, how much was the PS3 at launch here, iirc wasn't it over $1000? I bought my PS3 when the price was $750.

    Whats the betting Microsoft goes backsies on their whole 24 hour verification and no used games thing.

      I bought a PS3 bundle a couple of months after launch (the original 60G with the Emotion engine for PS2 games and 4 USb ports). The bundle included an extra controller and 2 games and cost a little less than $1,000 at Harvey Norman. I don't use it a lot, but it is still working brilliantly! At the time, is was one of the best ways to get a BlueRay player.

      I agree. I doubt that MS will be able to sustain their draconian verification requirements.

      Hopefully they switch things up.

      That's about the only option they have if they want any chance in the next generation of console wars, well that and let us run games straight from the disc and let us use the hard drive just for games/DLC we actually do download.

    We think $549 is expensive but the ps3 was over $1000 when it came out. Also if we look at the prices, it is 349 pounds which equates roughly to $577 AU.

    It's amazing the great things a company can do when they're humble
    Glad they've learnt from the whole PS3 ordeal

    Goodbye Xbox, helloooooooo PlayStation

    Its been confirmed that the PS4 won't be region locked so we're free to import it if we can score a better deal that way!

    Considering the PS4 has been mentioned to be region-free, grey-importing will be a very realistic option too because there's no hiccups with games not being compatible.

    Microsoft: We're going in a great new direction. Always online gaming with licence keys
    Sony: Yeah.. Good luck with that. Morons
    Me: Yay! I'm going to buy a PS4

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    My Xboxs (own 3) move around and are not always connected to the Internet. I don't play much multiplayer.
    Currently each new dashboard has buried my game short cuts deeper behind a layer of tv, music and social media options and this is the current gen! God help the next gen!
    Console hard drives aren't big enough to have install every game plus dlc/ media, besides, that nuisance is why play more console games instead of PC.
    If the simplicity of the system is removed what's the point! My ps3s get the dust blown off them for blurays and my media pc does much more than the Xbox one is offering.

    As for media, there are plenty of great devices out there that do similar as what's being offered, but without the power consumption of a games console. Power costs are too high to run all the time.
    I think this avid Xbox fan is going read halo wiki for halo 5 when it comes out while playing on his ps4. Microsoft doesn't want me any more. Actually it makes me more interested in the piracy scene. If modders break the drm restrictions in a good way, I may buy the console and games to play it my way in 2-6 years time.

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