The Only Lego Set You Will Enjoy Destroying More Than Building It

I guess this had to happen sooner or later: Lego's latest and greatest Star Wars megaset is not an awesome spaceship, a short astromech or a moon-sized metal ball that makes death. No, my dear friends, this $US250 1990-piece set is the Ewok Village.

For that price, you get to build "a tree-trunk hideout, secret Lightsabre stash, spider web, net traps, slide, catapults, an elevating throne, a bridge, rope walkways, vine and leaf elements, kitchen, food storage area, bedroom and a planning room." Plus! this cool speeder bike.

The company says that with this set "builders can construct one of the most famous Star Wars scene when Luke and Leia realise they are siblings." Yes, they are talking about this:


Lego also says that kids will love to "use the rammer function to take out the Scout Trooper’s speeder." Adults, on the other hand, will love to use a hammer to smash it — then use the great pieces to build something really cool. Like a scene from the Lord of the Rings or something. Of course, don't destroy the minifigs. Some are new and not available elsewhere, like Endor Princess Leia, Endor C-3PO, Endor Luke, Endor Han Solo and the damn Wicket.

Honestly, the set looks very nice and detailed. Kids will love it. And, for adult Lego fans, it's a great source of pieces. Also, it's huge. Over a foot tall, as you can see in this video:

The set will be available on September 2013.

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