Old-School Tech From The NSA's Past

The NSA's high-tech, new school surveillance system has been getting a whole lot of attention lately, but their old-school digs are worth a look as well. The agency has been around since the 1950s, originally tasked with cracking wartime codes, the NSA's gear has always been cutting edge, and the old stuff is amazing and funny to look at now.

When the agency's official 60th anniversary rolled around last year, the NSA published a little retrospective of declassified oldies on its website. Here are a few of the good'uns Motherboard was able to round-up. [Motherboard]

Cryptologists Hard At Work During WWII

The Bombe Machine, Used To Fight Nazi Encryption

The SIGSALY, An Old Voice Security System


A State-Of-The-Art UNIVAC System The NSA Had Back In '63

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