The Next Big Thing In 3D Printing Is Recreating Joy Division Album Covers

The most memorable album covers are often the simplest — take Martin/Molloy's The Brown Album. OK... that's probably too simple. How about the radio waves on the cover of Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures? It was slick-looking in 2D and now you can enjoy it in 3D.

This specimen was 3D printed by one "akaziuna" over on Thingiverse, though it was based off of a previous design by other user. The original source though, are the radio waves from the first-recorded pulsar, PSR B1919+21.

We've printed guns, food and even drugs, so why not album covers? Not the most practical object to 3D print, but to each their own.

[Thingiverse, via MAKE]

Image: akaziuna

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