The New Old Xbox 360’s Guts Shows What’s Old Is New Again

The new old, curiously botoxed Xbox 360 was announced at E3 to a crowd of shrugs. Why add makeup and eyeliner to a walking zombie? Whatever. The ace surgical team at iFixit got their hands on the new old Xbox 360 to see if anything changed inside. Here are the guts.

Most everything is the same. Same hard drive set up, same modules, same optical drive, same fan, same cooling system, same sameness. It is the same system, after all. iFixit rated the new old Xbox 360 as either to replace than the old new Xbox 360 because it doesn’t come with flashy chrome bezels (making it easier to open) and has a highly modular design (which gives you easy access to drives, fans, Wi-Fi etc.). Check out the full report at iFixit. [iFixit]