The Division Is A Game Worth Buying A Next-Gen Console For

Last year at E3 we saw games that aimed to show off the next-gen hardware of both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. The only game that really has me sold so far, however, is The Division: an open-world RPG set in post-apocalyptic New York City. Check out this gameplay.

The Division is set in a world where an infection has been transmit through the population via the currency, turning cities into wastelands and citizens into mercenaries. You are a sleeper agent who awakes in the apocalypse with one objective: survive.

The game centres around co-op gameplay to scrounge for supplies and secure territory. Groups of other players are trying to do the same thing, and there's always the risk of you running across them and getting into a giant firefight. Awesome.

With beautiful graphics and a UI to die for, The Division is a game worth getting a next-gen console for. Thankfully, it's not an exclusive title, so both PS4 and Xbox One players can enjoy it come-2014.

Here's the story trailer.

Here's hoping we see more at this year's E3, coming up soon.

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    This looks awesome. Lucky Sony didn't screw the pooch yesterday, so I can get myself a next gen console after all.

    Wow! WiiU? No?

      seriously? you think a Wii U could run that game? Wii U owners need to stop complaining when games dont come their way. You have bought a sub-standard, underpowered, casual gaming box. Do not cry when you don't get AAA hardcore game titles.

      Last edited 12/06/13 3:24 pm

        I'm not complaining, just asking. I don't even own a WiiU, its just that they (Nintendo) did say it would get cross platform titles and I assumed that would apply to some if not all "next gen" titles. If you say that Nintendo is only for casual gamers you obviously never got 100% completion in Mario Galaxy 2. Just because you spend your free time shooting imaginary heads off doesn't make you hardcore.

          The reason WiiU isn't recieving ports of games... even when PS3 and 360 are, is because it has really low sales numbers.

          Unfortunatly, with the move to higher specced consoles, it's a problem that's going to get worse for the WiiU.

        It sounds like you just described every console.

        hahaha geez, " sub-standard, underpowered, casual gaming box" spoken by someone that hasn't played the Wii U or any of Nintendo's games.. if you think Galaxy 2(though it is a wii game), Super Luigi Bros, DKTF, W101, WWHD or the later worlds on 3D World are casual than you are a fool.

          First party Nintendo games are awesome, but Nintendo hasn't really been in the third party game since the SNES. Even the N64 was just Nintendo and Rare.

            I never said anything about 3rd party, I was just commenting on the fact that the guy i replied to thinks the wii u is for casuals

              Is the multiplayer not shit yet? You can't really blame people who have adapted to the social online current gen gaming from thinking Nintendo is all about same room Mario and Mario kart parties. Personally? I have an Xbox One, and if I get a second console it will be the Wii U, not the PS4, no need for two of the exact same style system.

    Grrr.. no mention of a PC version. No doubt we'll get a crappy port later.

      Pretty sure I've seen that there is a PC version confirmed, they just don't mention it here. But you're right, chances are it will be a lazy console port and not optimised for PC.

        This is the guys behind World of Conflict. The PC port should be reasonable

        Last edited 09/05/14 12:34 pm

        There WAS no PC version announced, so everyone on the net signed a massive petition to get them to release on PC too. They announced it and everything. It was a beautiful moment for PC gaming.

      Yup... even though this story was written in June 2013, just checked and there it is...
      Still not sure why @spartan-jack-17 downvoted though..? :)

        No idea why it's popped up on page 1 of Giz.
        I read a few comments, replied to yours, then realized I'd already posted a few comments back in june

        I did? That seems like something I would have upvoted, but I don't even remember this article.

        LOL I didn't even notice the date this was posted, just assumed first page == new story.

      It's coming out for PC. It's already been officially announced.

      Which makes the title completely incorrect...

      "The Division Is A Game Worth Buying A New PC For"

      There is a PC version

      Because goodluck seeing those Snowdrop graphics at 900p hahaha


    Wow. Just wow. That IS a game id buy a nextgen for.

      This. Wow had no plans of getting a new console but this actually changes my mind.

      The big thing for this is whether or not it will have long term appeal.
      I can't seem myself buying a nextgen console for one game if I'm going to finish it in a week or 2.
      If it is a true 3rd person shooter rpg mmo type deal then it has to not falter where every other MMORPG has faltered since wow came on the scene. Endgame. It needs re-playability and constant new content.
      I'm very very excited to see if this makes it to PC.

      xbone and ps4 are not next gen.

    As a PC user for over 20 Years I have to say if the console can give this quality, no hassles just put the dvd in and hit play I am finally there.

      Bluray. Get with the times, man!

      Seriously though, I agree. I've been a PC gamer all my life and a (very) late adopter for Xbox 360 then PS3. The PS4 is looking mighty good; it's IP's like this and 'The Order' that are gettin' my drool on.

    I noticed that the drone flying around had in brackets 'Tablet' I am wondering if that means some gameplay elements cross over to a tablet.

      That's the plan. Site details it. Looks like you get a kind of 'lite' version of the engine in isometric or something.

      They're pushing a lot of Cross-platform gaming atm in E3.

      That was basically someone jumping in on their tablet and using a drone to assist them and then logging out.

      The same concept will be used for Battlefield 4 for the Commander role which can be used from a Tablet (via Battlelog app) or PC.

      Last edited 12/06/13 2:11 pm

        Already in use for BF4. Use it when I'm bored and way from home and need a good gaming fix. Though it's nowhere near the detail of game play they're promising in 'The Division'.

    The artwork has the Uplay logo on it... hopefully this means PC because that looks fantastic!!!

      Uplay is ubiquitous across all platforms unfortunately so its not an indication there will be PC. For now the site just says X1 and PS4

    With the voice that in game or is that Online Co-Op talking? Cause if that radio comms is in game...that is bloody sweet!

    Last edited 12/06/13 1:20 pm

      The voices were "real players". As in it's co-op communication not part of the game.

    From the trailer it looks like people can play from a tablet and control drones!! If it is true that is very cool and probably one of the most exciting things in this trailer.

    what a load of shit this is going to be, i guess you guys just need some eye candy, some rehearst co-op chat to mimick some cliche movie chit chat i dont see anything about gameplay other than the same old pew pew.. its like watching a tv commercial with no depth as to what this ubicrap is promising.. other than catching big fish in the world of marketing..

    Yeah nah,

    I'm quite happy with my gaming PC, If they don't want to support PC gaming that's their bad I'm not buying a console just so I can play exclusive console games. Fuck especially a FPS.

    FPS on console feels so wrong.

    I think it is on PC according to this
    I wonder if it could be changed to fps in options.

    Last edited 09/05/14 1:41 pm

      My bad the above comment was for a kotaku article haha - accidentally posted it here

    Article written 12 June 2013. Today is 9 May 2014. Why did this show up in my Gizmodo feed?

      Yep, almost a year old.

      Still not worth buying a next gen console for.

      Project Morpheus is.

    According to videogamer... not this year baby...!!

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