The Classification Board Wants YOU To Help With Policy Research

Now that our slightly disappointing R18+ rating for video games is back on the agenda, the Classification Board is looking for people to help out in policy focus groups.

Here's what it's after.

The Classification Branch of the Attorney-General's Department invites applications from community members (eighteen years and over), to be included on a register of people who can be called on, to participate in research groups about a range of media classification matters.
The register will enable the department to convene focus groups periodically. Volunteers from all parts of Australia are encouraged to apply. The Classification Branch will cover reasonable costs to attend, but no participation fee will be provided.

You can head over to the Classification Board's website and register. [Classification Board]

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    They probably wouldn't want me. I'd fill every survey form or reply when asked my opinion at every opportunity, "Shut down the board, we can judge material for ourselves." Nothing else needs to be said.

      Allegedly as adults we can, but clearly there are lots of idiot parents who can't. That should be the idea of the board - to stop parents buying Murder Death Kill 2014 for their 8 year old. The board doesn't need to be shut down, the category of R18+ just needs to be modified to something that includes only the most reprehensible of material, instead of "oh it has drugs and violence therefore ban it."

      Last edited 28/06/13 12:59 pm

        It can be really hard as a parent to do the right thing. Trying to convince a 12 year old that playing Modern Warfare 3 is not appropriate becomes so much more difficult when 4 of the 5 in his friends list (all the same age) are currently online playing it. I remain firm and get to be the "bad" one. I'm sure many other parents just say "Whatever". We need better education and a parent collective to all agree on limits for our kids.
        I do agree though, that the board has a vital role in making sure content is appropriately rated and presented to the population as advice. But that shouldn't mean the prohibition of adult material for adults. We just need ways of ensuring adults are the ones partaking.

          The board in its current form is ineffective. A voluntary rating system like the ones in the US and Europe, with no power to 'ban' but only to 'advise', would be a much more desirable outcome.

        I would definitely play Murder Death Kill 2014.

    Excellent, Apparently if you fill the form out electronically, you need to then print it out, then scan it back in and email it....wth (I dont know how to use quote button, so just printing the text here)

    "If using your word processor to complete this form, please enter in all your details and comments
    against the questions and print the completed form. If you are handwriting on the form, simply print
    the form and write your responses to the questions.
    To return the form to us, you can either:
     Scan your completed form and email it back to us at [email protected], or
     Post it back to us – the address you need to use is:
    Classification Research Groups, Locked Bag 3, HAYMARKET, NSW 1240"


    They can take their policy focus group and shove it up their.....

    ...nose.... I meant nose... clearly anything else would be wildly inappropriate.

    I don't give a crap about their policies, ratings or laughable "bans". I import or DL all of my games anyway, so this childish nanny state of a nation is irrelevant. In the entire 10 years I have been importing, Customs have never stopped a single one of my packages or even inspected them. Clearly they're too busy doing a REAL job, stopping drugs or guns from entering the country.

    My guess is, the board will comprise of some gamers, a number of "Ned Flanders" sorts who videotape everything on TV and systematically report everything wrong with it, and a few "my 35 year old son still lives at home and is not capable of judgment" sorts.

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