The Camera In Google Glass Just Got A Lot Better

Google is rolling out a software update to Google Glass and it’s dramatically improving what might be the main feature of Glass: the camera. It’s smarter software that takes a rapid sequence of shots and combines them into one uber picture.

Google says:

So, what does this new software mean for your pictures? Two things: you no longer have to be afraid of the dark; and it’ll detect low light situations and automatically capture a brighter, sharper picture. It’ll also automatically take HDR pictures in bright scenes. Best of all, this software works even in tough situations where there are moving subjects.

Google has also enabled photo captions when you share a picture (you add a caption by speaking). Here’s a few comparison pictures of how the new software update improves the camera in Google Glass. The new software is on the left side, the old camera is on the right.

It’s basically HDR photography with the promise of handling movement better. You can see more pictures from Google here detailing the new software. [Google]