The Beautiful Visualisation Of Relationships In Your Favourite Movies

Movies exist in their own world, with their own rules, with the characters having their own relationships. And though we may know every one of those characters, they might not all be connected together. These visualisations show how characters connect with each other in a beautiful constellation. You can almost gauge a movie by how its characters connect.

Take for example, Forrest Gump (a movie everyone knows but not everyone loves). Forrest is obviously the central character who is connected to everyone. Some of his connections, like Jenny and his mother have their own networks, while other lesser characters, like JFK, just exist on their own. The network, created by Movie Galaxies, clearly shows each character's relationship with each other.

The actual graphs in Movie Galaxies, which is the brainchild of Jermain Kaminski and Michael Schober, allows you to zoom in and out to see the character names for each node. The size of the node relates to how connected the character is which in turn shows how central the character is to the movie. You can see more of their fascinating work here. Try and find a pattern!

The best thing, perhaps, from these visualizations is to see how different movies explore relationships.

Take the simplicity of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Versus the extremely complicated but visually stunning Babette's Feast.

Here is Avatar.

And the Matrix.

And Blade Runner.

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