The 360Hero Cameras Are All Shades Of Mind-Blowing

If we can agree on one thing, let's agree on this: 360° videos are unbelievably awesome because they completely immerse you into the video itself. Actually, video isn't even the right word for them because 360° videos fully capture everything around you, below you and above you — they're a recording of real life.

But the problem has always been the amount of work, money and time to get 360° videos right. It just took too much. 360Heros wants to make it easier. Maybe even too easy. 360Heroes has created a camera stand that allows you to simply slip in GoPro cameras into the right spot so you can immediately capture life at 360°.

Typically, one camera has a viewing angle of 170°, if you combine more, you get a wider viewing angle. But even most 360° camera rigs right now don't capture in full 360°, they're limited to 120° vertically. With 360Heros 360 Plug-n-Play holders though, you get a full 360° horizontally and 180° horizontally. You see everything.

The 360Heros 360 Plug-n-Play holders are made from aircraft grade flexible nylon that house 6 different GoPro cameras to create the all-seeing eye. The stand has various mounting points for tripods and even tiny fish line holes to suspend the housing in the air (like with a drone). It's starting as a Kickstarter project right now. You can support them here.

360Heros gear was used to make the absolutely mind blowing Beck video we saw earlier this year (you should watch it) and can be used anywhere: sporting events, concerts, a day at the park with your kid, a beach day and so on. Just check out some of the sample footage they've shot here. It's amazing. [360Heros Kickstarter]

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