The 100m Scroll Turns Browsing Into An Olympic Sport (One Day)

The Olympics are known for introducing new and experimental events that reflect the region where they’re being held. So if it ever finds itself in and around Silicon Valley, perhaps this surprisingly fun 100m scrolling game — which has you literally scrolling down for some 100m while you race the clock — could become an official Olympic event. If there was ever a way to quantify how awesome you were at the internet, an Olympic gold medal would certainly be it.

But don’t think you’re only limited to playing with your desktop’s mouse or your laptop’s track pad. The game works on mobile browsers too, so if you’re particularly proficient with a touchscreen, you can compete anywhere you’ve got a few minutes to kill. So what are you waiting for? Get back to training.

[The 100 Meter Scroll via Taxi via Mom! Look What I Made]