Swatch’s Dive Watches Won’t Take You To The Depths Of Poverty

If you’re into any kind of serious underwater adventuring, you’ll probably balk at Swatch’s new Scuba Libre line. But at just $90 they’re not targeted at timepiece connoisseurs or wannabe Jacques Cousteaus. They’re designed for an afternoon at the beach where you won’t be too devastated if your watch gets destroyed after an epic tubing run.

Available soon in nine brightly coloured designs, the watch’s are rated to a depth of 200m and feature basic faces and numbering, so they’re easy to read even when underwater. Silicone bands keep the watches lightweight, and most of the designs even include a date indicator at the 3 o’clock mark. It’s nice that Swatch is still committed to bright, bold designs, but even nicer that with the Scuba Libres you’re also getting some useful functionality at a decent price.

[Swatch via Uncrate]