The Best Of Minecraft Architecture

The Best Of Minecraft Architecture

Minecraft is one of the most successful independently developed video games of all time, and it is now available for computers, Xbox and some mobile devices. Perhaps what makes it so powerful is that it allows users to create entire worlds based on their own designs: players can dig deep into virtual earth to discover caves and mine precious materials, they can build structures that stretch far into the sky, and they can explore a map that is virtually infinite.

Everything in Minecraft is based on one cubic metre blocks that can be stacked according to a three-dimensional grid. Each block is wrapped in a low-res texture that suggests material properties such as stone, wood, gold, or even fire, although the fact that the game is independently produced means that there is much opportunity for modifying these textures and other aspects of the game — opportunities that have certainly been taken advantage of by the game’s hardcore fanbase.

King’s Landing from Game of Thrones by Westeroscraft

There are two main modes of gameplay: survival mode and creative mode. In survival mode, players must fend off hunger, falls, and monsters that lurk in the woods while mining, processing, and placing materials carefully, making it much more of a game with objectives. Creative mode is more of an open sandbox experience, allowing players infinite resources and making them invincible.

These examples of Minecraft architecture could have been made in either mode, though obviously creating these things in survival mode is much more difficult. It is readily apparent just how much this game allows players to experiment, despite the pixilation arising from the grid limitation. Some have even gone so far as to attempt to recreate the entire world of Game of Thrones in Minecraft, an effort which thus far 4000 users in collaboration have not been able to complete (although their rendition of King’s Landing is awe-inspiring). Be sure to check out the full list at Architizer.

Charlotte, North Carolina, by Armchair Hacker

Minas Tirith from Lord of the Rings by Cornbass

American suburbia by nobodysharp