Sony's Xperia Z Might Be The Next Google Edition Phone

Whether Google’s dumping the Nexus line or not, it seems the “Google Edition” series is growing fast. First, we had the Samsung Galaxy S4 without all that bloat, then an HTC One with stock Android, and now rumours are circling that we’ll get a Sony Xperia Z with Jelly Bean sans skin the way Google intended.

Considering Sony already released the ASOP code for its waterproof flagship, a rumour of a Google Edition isn’t all that far-fetched. If the Xperia Z does indeed go stock, direct from Google, that will mean that basically every flagship Android phone worth looking at will be available as a Google Edition. Apparently, it will be announced sometime in July — although we'll have to wait and see if that prediction actually comes true. [AndroidGeeks via Phandroid]

Gizmodo UK is gobbling up the news in a different timezone, so check them out if you need another Giz fix.

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