Someone Re-Cut The Matrix As A Zack Snyder Film...And It's Amazing

Oh my God. This is incredible. Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel hits cinemas soon, and we can't wait to see it Down Under. We found ourselves wondering, however, what other films would look like if given the Snyder-treatment. Thankfully, we don't have to wonder: someone re-cut a new trailer The Matrix trilogy and it looks freaking amazing.

This re-cut of the three Matrix movies resulted in a film that I think I'd be really happy watching. It's called One Of Steel and it's the work of one very talented YouTuber.

The combination of the quick fades, the sprinkling of action, the inspirational dialogue and the beautiful trailer theme for Man of Steel makes this an amazing three-minute clip.

I want to go and re-watch all of The Matrix movies now and be disappointed all over again.

Here's the original Man Of Steel trailer to contrast it with.

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