Sneak Peak At The Damage A Nerf N-Strike Elite Centurion Blaster Does

This is very stupid. Nerf sent us what is essentially a gigantic rail gun, and we're going to, you know, review it. But not before going up to the roof and testing it out on humans.

Ashley, who is a jerk, shot me in the ear.

It hurts.


    Tyler Durden: Motherxxxxxx! You hit me in the ear!
    Narrator: Well, xxxxx, I'm sorry.
    Tyler Durden: Ow, xxxxx... why the ear, man?
    Narrator: Guess I xxxxed it up...
    Tyler Durden: No, that was perfect!

    looks like you guys figured out how to correctly fire this one... *cough*

    look forward to the review

    ha ha ha.
    At least you had the important bits covered Kyle :)

    If it's gonna make ur opponent jump around that much... definitely worth while :)

    Ouch, it got him in the ear. Looking at the bright side it didn't go all the way through

    You have the same problem as me, size XL t-shirts that don't cover your crack properly.

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