Slooh: Snap Your Very Own High-Res Space Photos From Your iPad

Slooh: Snap Your Very Own High-Res Space Photos From Your iPad

Way back in 2009, Slooh opened up its space telescope service to the everyman, meaning common folk could explore space and take live, high-res photos at their leisure — for a small fee, of course. In the same vein, their new iPad app lets you take space shots on the go, all for $2 a pop.

What does it do?

Lets you command an army of space telescopes all around the glob. Aim the display at your desired location, wait 20 minutes for processing, and walk away with your very own unique, high-quality space photo marked with the date, time, and observatory name. You can even fill out the app’s sky chart with your very own photos as you go.

Why do we like it?

Sure, space nuts can find more photographs than they could ever hope to look at online, but the delight you get from knowing that the one you hold is not only the only one like it, but also that it was taken with your very own hands, is unparalleled. There are also special “missions” that get updated weekly, giving your random sky snapping more of an aim. Currently only for iPad, Slooh plans to release Android and iPhone versions… eventually.


Download this app for: iPad (free download, $1.99 per photo)
The best part: taking your own space pics
The worst part: take more than a few and it could start to cost you