SkyMotion: Predict The Rain Down To The Minute

SkyMotion: Predict The Rain Down To The Minute

Weather apps are a dime a dozen, but accurate weather apps are a little more rare. For most of them, you’d be better off tossing a coin to try to figure out if it’s actually going to rain or not. And that’s where SkyMotion shines — down to the minute.

What does it do?

Uses weather radars to get an exact reading on what the weather’s like where you are, and it’s doing all this in real time, to boot. But it’s most wonderful feature is its ability to tell exactly when rain is going to start on a minute by minute basis. Plus, you get all the features you’ve come to expect like severe weather alerts and hourly, daily, or weekly forecasts.

Why do we like it?

One cool thing about SkyMotion is that it lets you report what the weather is like around you, which helps improve SkyMotion’s accuracy for everyone. The minute-by-minute rain feature, though, is really what sets it apart from the pack. Being able to know exactly when rain is going to start and stop can be invaluable in certain situations, and considering the app is totally free, you’ve got nothing to lose.


Download this app for: iOS (free), Android (free)
The best part: minute-by-minute rain reports
The worst part: not much to look at
The Worst: Not much to look at