Sharing Your Web Browser With Random Strangers Is Horrible And Awesome

You’re never really alone on the internet. Chances are if you’re on a webpage, someone else is there too; you just don’t see them. It doesn’t have to be that way though. “We See in Every Direction” is a web browser you can share with dozens of other internet denizens all at once. It is the best and the worst.

Developed by Swedish artist Jonas Lund — of Paint Your Pizza fame — as part of Rhizome’s online exhibition series The Download, “We See In Every Direction” is an incredibly bewildering browsing experience. The concept is simple: everyone gets control at the same time and things immediately devolve into madness. Depending on what kind of person you are, this is a great opportunity for some trolling.

You can download the browser and give it a try for yourself here, and get your own personal taste of the chaos. That is, assuming enough people are around to really get things kicking. There’s only one way to make that happen though, so hop on and give it a whirl. Just steel yourself for all the horrors the Internet has to offer. Also pure bliss. But mostly both at the same time. [We See in Every Direction via Wired]