Security Camera Paintings Are An Art Project For Big Brother

There are security cameras all over the place, and as we creep ever forward into a technological dystopian future, there are going to be even more, gazing at you from the street corners, in stores and who knows where else. But all that footage doesn’t have to be pure surveillance; you can turn it into art.

Artist William Betts likes to do just that, taking stills from public security cameras around the world, and processing their images of anonymous schmoes into pixelated paintings reminiscent of A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, sort of.

Betts doesn’t do all the tedious painting himself though. Instead, he passes it through a specially modified paint-extruding machine (admittedly a glorified printer), which seems appropriately robotic and detached. And the results, though a little creepy, are pretty nice looking in their own right. Seems like Big Brother’s doing pretty well in art class. [Creator’s Project via Laughing Squid]