Science Happens In Places That Are Beautiful By Accident

Those spikey deals look pretty menacing. It wouldn’t be a bad guess to think that they’re abstract art meant to invoke a Medieval torture aesthetic. But that’s way off. The infinitely repeating barbs are part of the anechoic chambers at the Technical University of Denmark. Basically they absorb sound and electromagnetic waves so scientists can test wave-emitting devices for things like volume and clarity. And they look badass doing it.

Photographer Alastair Philip Wiper shot the resonance chambers and other research facilities as part of a series called SOLAR / ANECHOIC, which showed through the Copenhagen Photo Festival. The photographs are meant to capture the inadvertent beauty of spaces where scientists conduct research. Things may not always be what they seem, which is certainly true in research, which is why it’s pretty cool that all those razor-sharp spikes are just made out of foam. [My Modern Met]

Photos with permission of Alastair Philip Wiper.