Samsung’s Giving Away A Million Copies Of Jay-Z’s New Album

Samsung’s Giving Away A Million Copies Of Jay-Z’s New Album

Magna Carta Holy Grail

The chosen million will be able to download the album through a special app (that has yet to be released). And these aren’t promotional freebies either; according to the WSJ, Samsung paid five bucks a pop for each of its Magna Carta Holy Grail downloads, making this a five million dollar play at headlines in internet web logs just like this one. It worked, it worked!

There are more than a million Galaxy owners out there, of course, so here’s how you get in line to make sure you get your free goodness. Follows these directions to the letter:

  • 1. Own a Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4, or Galaxy Note II. No other galaxies are eligible (sorry Andromeda!)
  • 2. Download the free app from the Play Store on June 24.
  • 3. Hit refresh over and over and over and over again on July 1 at 12.01am until you’re confirmed as one of the first million music-loving cheapskates.
  • 4. I dunno, listen to the album?

And that’s it! It seems like a definite win-win here; Samsung gets heaps of publicity, Jay-Z gets money for a million albums that people otherwise would have pirated. Just like the Magna Carta foretold. [Magna Carta Holy Grail, WSJ]