New iPhone Apps: Postcards, Tall Chess, Analog, And More

The app gears were turning just as hard as ever this week. So relive the glory days of the long weekends of yore, and kick back with a bundle of apps that aim to make your life just a little bit easier. Or at the very least, a little more fun.

Postcards: The Tumblr app is, admittedly, a wonderfully designed one. And there's no denying it has more functionality than something like Postcards. But for those who use Tumblr more as a means of finding articles to read instead zipping through streams of GIFs, this might be exactly what you're looking for. [$2]

Analog: A little over a year ago, Realmac Software released Clear, an iOS to-do list app that made the task of keeping track of tasks easy with a beautifully simple design. Now they're taking a crack at replicating that success by simplicity formula with a $US1 camera app. For the most part, analogue Camera for iOS delivers what you'd expect: an unbelievably fast and straightforward app for snapping photos, adding gauzy filters, and uploading the shots to the Internet. You can see the filters and sharing in the screenshots above. There's nothing surprising about this functionality at all. [$1]

Furnish: Known once upon a time as IKEA Now, the now-revamped virtual remodeling app changed its name after running into a bit of legal trouble. But they're back and better than ever, bringing Android support and the addition of more than just IKEA furniture. So you can refurnish every room in your home as often as you want without spending a dime. [Free]

Tall Tall Chess: When you're in the market for a plain ol' chess app, there's really only so many variations until they all start looking the same. Tall Chess, at least, embraces this simplicity with bright colours, clean lines, and a bird's eye's view of the entire board. You can, as is now expected in nearly every mobile game, play against both friends and strangers. And it's free — as long as you only want to play one game at a time, that is. [Free]

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