Position These Aussie-Made Lamps To Shine A Light On Corruption, Or Just Anything

Some spaces are awkward. Dark corners or cavernous closets that could really use some light. And tap lights don't always cut it in terms of brightness or aesthetic quality. But Australian designer Flynn Talbot is working on the situation. His aluminium and steel lights, called Latitude, can go anywhere and point in any direction.

The key is that you can attach the suspension cable anywhere on the spherical frame around the light, so it can be directed toward anything and light your space however you want. Talbot lists "indirect uplighting, downlighting, spotlighting" as some options to get you going. There's also kind of a light of the world vibe from the globe shape.

Latitude currently comes in one size, a ~24 inch diameter, but a mini version with a ~16 inch diameter is coming soon. Gotta shed light where you can. [Contemporist]

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