PlayStation 4 Vs Xbox One: Feature Showdown

Well, it's finally time to have this discussion. What should you buy, the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. It helps that we've finally got some facts to work with in the new console war, instead of just chasing rumours and misinformation. So here's the definitive look at how the two new consoles stack up against each other and what those comparisons actually mean.


A hundred bucks is nothing to laugh at, really, even when that investment is going to spread itself out over, presumably, the better part of a decade. At $599 in Australia, the Xbox One costs more than the $549 PS4, and even the bundling of a super-powered Kinect 2 isn't going to change that. There's maybe equal value between the two, depending on how much you plan to use Kinect 2, but you don't have a choice in the matter.

One big differentiating factor on price -- the fact that PS3 had free online multiplayer while Xbox 360 charged for Xbox Live Gold -- seems to be disappearing though. PlayStation Plus will be required for online multiplayer, at a cost of $69.95 per year. Entertainment stuff will still be accessible for free though, unlike the Xbox.

Winner: PS4


On one hand, the Xbox One's controller feels fabulous to hold, and the rumbling triggers are so very much cooler than they should be. They're going to make a big difference. But on sheer potential, Sony's built-in capacitive touchpad, and PlayStation Vita as a (rather expensive) PS4 controller, might be hard to beat.

But! But. The PlayStation controller leaving its analogue/d-pad layout unchanged, and no matter how comfortable the rest of it is (which is very!), that's a big downer. More to the point, since the Kinect 2 comes bundled with the Xbox One, it should also be included as a default feature of the "controller". The technology in the new Kinect is truly mind-blowing. It's still probably not really for gaming, outside of some specific examples like dance games, but as a means of controlling your system-level commands, it's a massive advantage. One that Sony can't touch.

Winner: Xbox One

Second Screen

It's tempting to tuck this feature into controllers, since it's obviously a controller-based feature, but this at its heart this is about gameplay. There are simply a ton of unexplored gameplay mechanics that aren't going to be used in a meaningful way with standard controllers. And in that context the Vita as a controller, while certainly much pricier, is just flatly better than Microsoft's SmartGlass, which is janky and often unusable in its current form. And if nothing else, the Wii U has shown us that there is plenty of room for innovation with two dedicated screens for a player.

There is also, of course, the Wii U itself. The Wii U wins this debate handily, but because it likely won't get many of the cross-platform games we'll see on the PS4 and Xbox One, Nintendo is off in its own category. Again.

Winner: PS4


Frankly, the exclusive games rosters were a little sparse on both sides of the aisle, with many of the announcements not firm confirmations as "exclusive", just "announced for". For example, Xbox One's exclusives do NOT including Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, though that was briefly reported.

As it stands, the big standouts for PS4 weren't confirmed as exclusives either -- most was exclusive downloadable content -- but are exciting anyway. Final Fantasy XV (formerly FF Versus XIII) and Kingdom Hearts 3 are both big wins for the console, even if they're only arriving there before the Xbox One. Microsoft showed a new Halo, Ryse: Son of Rome, Killer Instinct, a new Forza, an actually pretty cool murder mystery called D4, and the supposedly TV-crossover Quantum Break, but none of those really landed flush the way Microsoft needed them to after inadvertently stepping into the hornets nest of gamers.

So Sony probably takes this round, but, honestly, the best thing to come out of yesterday was this awesome PlayStation commercial.

Winner: Uhhh, PS4?

Raw Power

The numbers say PS4. The numbers are proooobably right, especially considering the Xbox One's bifurcated operating system. We have every reason to believe Sony's system will have a decent advantage graphically, but we're also sceptical that that will materialise in a meaningful way in cross-platform games. Even among exclusives (which, again, there aren't many) it's questionable how much of a difference you'll actually see.

The more pressing concern for those few non-connected users might be how much of its workload the Xbox One will shift to its Xbox Live servers (although reason stands that a lot of that will be for persistent, online worlds, at least to start). For now, it seems fair to give the PS4 the advantage, but wait until we're playing final-ish games to declare a true winner.

That said, this is going on the presumption that in practical application the two systems will be relatively close, given some of the underpinnings Microsoft has included under its broader raw specs (like sRAM on the SOC). In the sort of unlikely event that that turns out to not be the case, and the PS4 is actually head and shoulders ahead, it would obviously be a massive advantage for Sony. Don't hold your breath for that, though.

Winner: Advantage PS4


In the immediate afterglow of a very fun day one of E3, it's easy to forget just how hopeful an endeavour launching any gaming console in 2013 is. Our technology culture is just not built around making anything last for six, seven, 10 years anymore. Remember, all of the current generation consoles were released well before the original iPhone came into the world. We dispose of technology far more rapidly than we did back in 2006.

So the Xbox One's cloud computing, which uses 300,000 Xbox Live servers to render portions of some games that are heavy on workload, gives it a better chance to soldier on after its guts can no longer keep pace. Same goes for its uses in the living room. There's no guarantee that it'll pay off, but how long they'll be playable should be a massive concern for both consoles of this generation.

Winner: Xbox One

Multimedia Centre

Well, the Xbox One had better win this one. And it's not just that the Xbox One beats out the PS4 for home entertainment; the Kinect 2 might make it the most sophisticated way to control your living room (and eventually, your entire home) that exists.

Its main virtue is the voice activation for all your stuff, which is made possible by some very cool tech, like understanding what sounds your system is producing and ignoring those so that it can focus on your direct commands. Instead it partners that with content partnerships that Sony just doesn't have in place yet, and Foxtel functionality makes it the more powerful media box.

Winner: Xbox One

"Used Games"

No restrictions on how you handle games you buy as discs is a huge point of differentiation for the PS4. People are very up in arms about the Xbox's policies restricting how often you can give away a licensed game, and possibly which you can trade in, and Sony capitalised by just side-stepping the whole mess.

But do keep in mind that there are benefits for the user for abiding by Xbox One's restrictions, at least hypothetically. Being able to trade in your game licences to retailers instead of physical copies sounds like how you want to be exchange games from now on. It's easier, it's more efficient, and it doesn't matter if you break your disc. But it's still nice to have a choice.

Winner: PS4


If you feel strongly about your computer authenticating online every 24 hours, or lending physical copies of games, you basically just want the PS4. Sony bent over backwards to ensure its policies mirror the current generation as much as possible, to raucous applause. And there's certainly no need for an always-on PS Eye, like the turn-offable-but-still-usually-on Kinect.

You'll be missing out on very cool features like the aforementioned licence trade-ins, as well as sneaky wonderful things like being able to turn your console on without touching a controller, but for many, that's simply not a concern with a gaming console.

Winner: PS4

Social Involvement

No one wins. Everyone must stop this. No one wants social on their gaming console. Now, if we expand the definition of social into matchmaking and the like, the Xbox's dual OS will allow you to, say, watch a movie while remaining queued for a match, or while waiting for friends to log into a Halo hub, or something. That's an advantage, but not really enough to scrub the regrettable ability to tweet achievements or whatever fresh horrors count as social these days.

Winner: Lucifer

Backwards Compatibility

One has it, the other doesn't. That's about as cut and dry as you can get. That said, we still don't know what the library for Genkai gaming -- PS4's cloud gaming outlet -- will look like for PS4, nor do we know how playable the format will be in 2014, when it launches. Playing a whole game over streamed computing is a lofty goal, more so than using cloud servers to handle some workload. Sony has promised that this will be a lag-free experience, but it's all promises at this point. We'll see how playable Genkai ends up being, but it's gotta be better than nothing... right?

Winner: PS4

"Family" Users

For Dance Central, basically. Also Kinect fitness, and all the other advantages of having the Kinect, as well as the 10-person shared account for all your games. But if you're buying a console just for those big, group family settings, you actually should just get a Wii U. It's incredibly fun in group environments, and is a really capable media box as well.

Winner: Xbox One, but...

Hey, That's Right, What About the Wii U?

Oh, erm, right. So you can also get a Wii U. It's significantly behind the PS4 and X1 in specs, and hasn't had nearly enough games so far, but it's got full backwards compatibility with the Wii, no restrictions on any of its content (besides Nintendo's weird digital account stuff), and is less expensive than the PS4 and X1.

Winner: PlayStation 4

For now, there is just no getting around the PlayStation's less fumbling rollout. All of the Xbox One's good qualities -- ease of use in your home, Kinect magnificence, cloud rendering, possibly super easy trade-ins once the licence stuff gets sorted out -- are off in the future. They're distinct possibilities, but the PS4 is the bird in the hand right now. It's not made of a bunch of hypothetical parts that may or may not come together. Just know that if everything does work out for Microsoft, it's going to be a very impressive alternative.

Note: The chart below lists US prices. In Australia, the PS4 will retail for $549 and the Xbox One will go for $599.

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    So wait... the PS4 doesn't make you install the game anymore? That's news to me!

      It says "Mandatory"

        Yup, its optional to the developer if they do or not, chances are they'll do partial installs like the PS3 did at first anyhow until later in its life when they figured out how to avoid installs. But tbh I like the idea of installs, it reduces the need of the console to use the disc and prolongs its life.

        Last edited 12/06/13 6:13 pm

    Futureproofing.. lets wait and see on that one - its more than likely this cloud processing will be nothing more the DRM ala simcity dressed up as a feature

      More than that though, sure the cloud may make pretty graphics, but they'll still have to get back to your machine, and if these are going to be 1080p, how jerk free are they actually going to be?

        Server-side processing is clearly just always-online drm in a guize. Now, sure it helps performance, but just think about this. Say the new CoD also uses cloud-processing, and then think how many people around the world would be playing it daily. Even with 300,000 servers I really doubt microsoft could keep all those servers running, just think how much bandwidth we're talking about here, daily. My connection is stable 98% of the time but what happens when/if the live servers go down? So much for playing any of my games until it comes back up.

    there is more to consider imo

    PS4 doesnt come with eye toy, X1 comes with kinect, PS4 is 10 bucks more with eye toy. (though argueably its not mandatory)
    X1 gold membership is only needed 1 per home, all other users can play online and use other features using that account.

    Second Screen
    you didnt even mention the PS4 second screen but gave it the win?
    Smartglass is getting a revamp and from what i've seen of it, its def better than buying a PS Vita.

    considering both FF15 and Kingdom Hearts 3 ARE ALSO ON XBOX ONE, Xbox one would win this hands down

    Future Proofing
    There are too many limitations on the cloud for it to really be "future proofing"
    PS4 can easily implement the same, i'd still give the xbox one the win because theyve actually implemented something, but PS4 will still be more powerful even in the future.

    Used Games
    both consoles are leaving third party games to decide on used game DRM etc.
    both are having first party games fine as used games
    but PS4 will obviously still take it out due to less other restrictions

    social involvement
    although i agree that its crap, you have to admit having Twitch for Xbox One would give it the upper hand.

    in the end, i dont think theres a clear winner, it would come down to preferance. if the restrictions bother you and you truly feel they will effect you greatly, get the PS4

    if you are mostly interested in the multi platform games, get hte ps4 its more powerful

    if you are interested in other features besides gaming get the X1, has more

    if you are interestsed in the exclusive games, get the X1 has loads more and apparently will continue through the year

    my decision is based on what i want a console for. to have fun. there is more games on X1 i want to play so i'll get that at launch, if theres more exclusives on PS4 anounced that i want i'll get that too.

    PS4 hands down is the "better" console, but as far as what they have to offer for gaming, i actually think X1 wins.

    Please done downvote this to oblivion if you disagree, i've tried to write out a well thought out reply pointing out more for both sides.

      One quick note; it's been reported that one PS+ account on the PS4 will cover all users for online play also. Being that it's cheaper than the XB Gold membership (and not required for Netflix/Foxtel, only online play), I'd say that's definitely a win for Sony.

      I'm yet to see the improved Smartglass, but it will need to come A LONG WAY to win this category. Having said that, it's a free service on most devices so if it's usable, then well done MS.

        Except that ps+ sucks in comparison to xbox live. Terrible service and not reliable at all.

          Once upon a time, yes. I haven't seen the new PS+, but have you seen XBox live recently? With all of the ads and poor service, I decided to cancel my two year subscription (and THAT was a mission in itself).

            no its not, you go on your account on or or whatever and click 1 button.

            its as easy as you could make it.

          I've had xbl and now have ps+, sorry but ps+ kills xbl now.

      1. Eye toy is pointless and gimmicky, like the kinect, i bought one, played kinect sports never touched it again. no requierment to have one = PS4 win

      2. Xbox live, (currently) a waste of money, nothing special about it, every couple months they throw a cheap game you're way. if PS+ is anything like it currently is, = PS4 hands down win.

      3. the second screen was mentioned as the PS vita vs smart Glass smashes xbox smartgalss hands down.

      4. while FF15 is noteworthy, KH3 is not, i give you that the xbox currently has better titles than the PS3, but im over Halo have been since Halo 2 came out, im keen for a change, some LBP and killzone will make a good change.

      5. Xbone have not implemented anything yet, they have said they have something in place, but im of the mind that it will be a disaster of the simcity magnitude. so no cloud computing = auto win for Ps4 IMO

      6. Dont care about used games, BUT not being able to play my games disks on a mates console or lend to a friend = xbone failure. PS4 wins.

      On that as well, why the hell are people buying into the line "you can have 10 users in your family play the games from one account"... you can do that NOW and its not even limited to 10 users login to profile, insert disk, play game, ???, profit.

      7. Agree with Author no social = better online gaming.

      8. No region locking = PS4 win
      9. No online check requiered = PS4 win
      10. (Currently) No massive advertisment instead of a dashboard on PS4 = win

      The clear winner, and i mean CRYSTAL clear by 100 miles is the PS4, its obvious by the sheer fact that Sony didnt have to do anything but walk out on stage and say "Xbox one ey? how bout that"

      And this is comeing from an xbox fan (PC gamer, but Xbox for couch gaming)

      Last edited 12/06/13 12:01 pm

        1. fair enough on eye toy being pointless, i guess the controllers implementation with it wasnt concentrated on enough

        2. why is xbox live a waste of money? itll be offering 2 free games a month now and both PS+ and Xbox live gold are needed for online play. i dont really see a clear winner for either now, I guess awaiting cost of Xbox live gold.

        3. xbox smartglass is getting completely revamped, i agree it curretnly smashes it yes, but seeing it work with the 4 or 5 games that have shown it, i dont see how its any different to Vita at all.
        1 requires you to buy a vita, the other works with any smart phone or tablet and even windows 8 computers. smartglass wins imo.

        4. i agree on KH3 being crap but as far as exclusives go. There is more better ones on xbox obviously.

        5. yeah its a bit iffy this one, but youre just guessing itll go sim city disaster, so i dont see how assumptions can give an auto win for ps4 if it hasnt happened.

        6. you agreed with me anyway

        7. depends if you like streaming stuff.

        i think the clear winner of the launch events if PS4 as well, they played a VERY clever game.

        but the thing is, the vast majority of the games they showed to wow the crowd are also on xbox one. i initially felt more impressed with Sony's launch but then thought about it. i can get all those games that looked epic on X1 as well, plus more on X1.

        very clever indeed by them though.

        as i said, it comes down to what matters to you and your preferences, so for you there may be a clear winner, but general sales etc, i really dont think there is.

        Most people wouldnt even know all the crap going on, for them, 2 consoles on launch, they'll look at what games they both offer, the bundled packages and prices and choose from that.
        50 bucks difference in australia isnt really noteworthy in the end.

          1. The issue i see with eyetoy and kinect is that the new wave of TV's has this integrated, im thinking it will just get in the way of the current smart TV controls.

          2. Im talking in its currenet itteration Xbox live is a waste of money, and in its current itteration PS+ is 100 times better, all sony have to do to win this is keep offering the service, maybe throw in a few extra bonus's and they are the clear winner, MS have to fully rethink there entire system, and win the hearts of people they have been burning for the last 5 years.

          3. Xbox glass is going to need the mother of all revamps to keep up, i was so keen for this feature when it came out, i used it for a couple days, it ended up being easier and less anoying to use the controller than my phone, it kept DC'ing, not updating, lagging and just plain crashing.
          From what i read, the vita was sort of designed around it being used specifically for the PS4, sure its another $250 expense, but i imagine anyone buying a PS4 will get one regardless or already have one.

          4. I cant remember the last xbox exclusive that was actually any good, Sony has been hitting hard with the exclusives in the last year or 2, they own LBP, Ni No kuni, the last of us and all the JRPG's as well as games like persona, Metal gear and the yakuza franchise.

          5. Giving the Auto win to PS4 based on previous experience with that flawed technology, cloud computing is a great system in theory, but will be almost pointless untill teh internet infrastructure in our country is upto date, and untill the servers that manage it are safe from flaws or attack, which will never happen.

          6. yeah was an agreement, not an arguement

          7. I dont :P, and im an advocate for it not being something the internet should allow, UNLESS its for high competitive games or e-sports.
          Cant stand the 7,000,000 streams of 12 year olds who think they are the greatest gamers in existance with there "OMFGBEST CODBLOPS HAXFTW BRU!!".

          i personally beleive the PS3 library of games is a much better collection than the 360's, but yes it has taken sony a long time to get to that point.

          i agree that most of the sales will come down to people spending money on somethng they dont understand because it looks cool, or has Halo, or "seems" to offer the best service, from this point on sales numbers will be based highly on marketing, and we all know MS is good at marketing.

            1. i dont see how itll effect it, you can still control your tv normally if you want?

            2. whats wrong with xbox live gold? how is it a waste of money, you can get it for like 50-60 bucks a year if you want. you also get to use their music service on your xbox for free, which im pretty sure is actually bigger than pandora now.

            how is this shit? how does this need work?

            3. have a look at the use of it in the division, battlefield 4 and project spark. seems fine. people will also be able to use it alot more because i doubt 90% of people with a PS4 are going to bother spending the money to buy a VITA just to use its touch screen with their PS4. WAY more expensive.

            4. um we're talkinga bout next gen exclusives here. and X1 has a hell of alot more, and they look better.

            5. how can you give an auto win to PS4 for "future proofing" when they have NONE. Sure Cloud isnt the best by any means, but its something, and PS4 have nothign, so X1 wins it. its like saying i have a better car than a mate who has a 1972 bomb of a nissan pulsar even though i have no car. he still has a car, so its better.

            7. streaming of games is great, especially for comps etc. as someone that plays comp bf3 i'd love to see twitch on xbox and its a great improvement. you dont HAVE to watch it and its not going to spam you. i agree to keep twitter/facebook off of consoles its stupid.

            and as far as games go for next gen, MS have stated they are really working on exclusive rights etc. theyve signed up deals with EA and developers etc. they know that what sells consoles is the games.

              MS have said they've spent a billion dollars developing and buying up exclusives. But we don't know how exclusives those 3rd party exclusives are - history would suggest that most 3rd party exclusives tend to only be timed exclusives unless there's some technical reason for it (e.g. MGS4 not fitting on DVD storage) or niche games that might only be viable in limited markets (e.g. Yakuza). Either way, it's doubtful that MS will continue to pour billions of dollars into exclusives, they're just trying to kick start the console with a lot of early ones.

              Sony have got the internal development capacity to produce some stellar exclusives early on and keep producing them for the life of the console, and they've already proved with previous generations that this is exactly what they'll do. Hell, even now they've got stuff like The Last Of Us, Beyond, Gran Turismo 6 and Rain lined up for PS3 in the last few months before PS4 launches. They've got 30 games in development, 20 of them lined up for the first 12 months, and being internal studios they will all remain exclusive. They're also snapping up indie games left, right and centre. Sony will at least match MS for exclusives in the short term, and in the longer term will just gallop away from them.

                apparently Titanfall is 1 year exclusive. thats the only "timed" one mentioned.

                xbox have got loads of exclusives happening too, i think both do. i just think that X1 has better on launch. you cant compare them for games for unanounced stuff can you.

                  I'll bet you money that Dead Rising 3 ends up a timed exclusive. DR1 and 2 and Case West + all the DLC ended up on other consoles, 3 will as well. Guaranteed.

                  Actually, Dead Rising 1 didn't make it to any other consoles.

                  DR Chop til You Drop on Wii shared some story elements, but wasn't even close to the game Dead Rising was. DR2 (and Case Zero/West & DR2 OffTheRecord) were all multiplatform - with the Cases being timed exclusive on 360.

                  So considering Dead Rising 1 wasn't ported to any other system - even though Dead Rising 2 was launched on multiple platforms - I wouldn't count on it - even if Dead Rising 4 sees a multiplatform launch.

                  Now I wouldn't mind hearing about the rumored PS4 exclusive Dragons Dogma 2 (Deep Down) .....
                  Over to you Capcom?

        Given the vita actually acts as a controller and a touchscreen in one, sorry but smartglass comes a distant second. I've used Smartglass on both my old iphone and my ipad last year and though an interesting idea, it's just so clunky having to put down the controller, uses the tablet/phone, pick up the controller. Waste of time. The vita, just hit the screen with your thumb and no distraction. A lot easier.

      I just want to add a note on the Used Games bit. While both are leaving it to developers to decide, microsoft is implementing drm into the console itself anyway in the shape of having to connect every 24h and the new cloud-processing "feature" ie always-online drm.

    Since ps4 is not region locked you can just buy it off amazon for $399 plus postage.

      Ps4 isnt region locked, but amazon have a thing about locking shit anyway lol

        really? my mate's ps3 carked it a while back and he bought a new one off amazon and it works fine :)

    I should point out that if PS4 allow game trading and such, newer game developers may look for the $$$ in Microsoft leaving Xbox One with all the games.

      True, but if Sony outsell MS heavily (and if the IC are anywhere to go by, they will), they'll have no choice but to make it available for both.

      Remember, a $50 price difference doesn't sound like much to a lot of people, but to parents looking for Christmas presents it certainly will.

      Then Sony releases the SDK into the Playstation Store for free and set up an iTunes like Playstation store for indi games.

      If there's a market there, they'll release games for it. PS4 will easily sell enough units to warrant full 3rd party support. Publishers might not like the fact that Sony won't play ball with them on DRM (although they may implement their own), but they're businesses. They like money. And not supporting it would be leaving a large amount of money on the table. If they do that, they'd need to answer to their shareholders why,and they won't have a good answer.

      Let's not forget that the PS4's lack of used game restrictions also makes it a MUCH more attractive proposition to retailers. So I'd expect to see a hell of a lot more in-store promotion of PS4 compared to 360 in places like EB and JB that sell second hand games. If mum and dad to go one of these places to buy a console at christmas time and ask the staff which one they recommend, what do you reckon they're going to suggest? They'll point at the PS4 and say "it's more powerful, it's cheaper, you can trade and buy second hand games and you don't have to connect it to the internet so little Johnny isn't going to get stalked by paedophiles. The XBox One is the opposite." End result - mum and dad walk out with a PS4.

        I understand what you're saying, kids are a share of the market and such. But Xbox will sell...

        I was talking about start-up developers, they'll likely target only one platform on first release as that's what you do... Xbox One should look like candy for developers because of the DRM. If their game proves to be popular it'll force people to have to buy the game to experience it properly rather then borrow it off their friends. Going by the sounds of the internet that amount to be a colossal increase in sales.

          Oh, I'm not saying XBox won't sell, I'm sure they both will because there's a devoted audience for both. But right now the PS4 would be grabbing most of the swinging voters. I fully expect MS to backpedal furiously between now and launch, though. This used games and mandatory online stuff will probably go away unless it's baked so deep into the console and its ecosystem that it's too late to take it out now.

          If you're a start up developer, assuming you're talking about an independent, then you're probably going to be releasing your game digitally, not physically. Which means second hand or borrowing from friends isn't an issue anyway. And PS4 allows you to self-publish which means (assuming you've got the cash to fund your own development) that you can release your game without having to sign up with a publisher who will take a cut of the sales (and quite possibly ownership of the IP) as part of the deal. But in all honesty, if you're an indie start up looking to release your game on one platform only then you're probably going to do it on PC rather than on either console, anyway.

    Any thoughts on why XB1 does not include Bluetooth?

    Surely the Region Locking of XB1 is a BIG FAIL!

    Personally, I think the "used game" argument is completely overplayed. PC users have dealt with this for years.

      Tell me then, when was the last time you could regularly get brand new console games for as little as $20? I think people are less likely to want to sell a game to recoup their investment if it didn't cost $60 or more.

        That's a great point, but you can look at it the other way. If you can no longer on-sell the game, or lend it to a friend (which all bypass the developer), then developers might feel more comfortable selling games at a lower price, because they don't need to recoup the loss from people buying used games.

        No one's denying that console games are more expensive, but maybe xbox games will get cheaper if developers know that they can sell more of them?

        Edit: Although, as I think about it, the PS4 might not make that possible. Developers would probably get hounded if they decided to price games for different consoles differently (even if they already do for PC).

        Last edited 12/06/13 12:32 pm

          If you can no longer on-sell the game, or lend it to a friend (which all bypass the developer), then developers might feel more comfortable selling games at a lower price,

          Honestly, what do you think the chances of the publishers dropping prices, knowing that consumers are already used to paying the current prices for console games? In the case of any publicly listed companies, where the number one priority is to generate profits and returns for shareholders, I'd say close to zero. And bear in mind that almost all the major publishers are publicly listed companies (Valve is the only exception I can think of).

            So this is off another Giz article (access here)

            As an alleged Xbox One engineer said in this email leaked on Pastebin [all sic]:

            The whole point of the DRM switch from disc based to cloud based is to kill disc swapping, scratched discs, bringing discs to friends house, trade-ins for shit value with nothing going back to developers, and high game costs. If you want games cheaper then 59.99, you have to limit used games somehow . Steam’s model requires a limited used game model.
            Steam had it’s growing pains at the beginning with all it’s drm shit as well. [...] For digital downloads steam had no real competition at the time, they were competing against boxed sales. At the time people were pretty irate about steam, (on 4chan too…) It was only once they had a digital marketplace with DRM that was locked down to prevent sharing that they could do super discounted shit.

          Will they get cheaper though? isn't it just as likely that the publishers are less likely to reduce the price of games without used market competition?

            Not a game developer, so I can't answer that!

            I think (warning: opinion!), the PC market would suggest otherwise. In my completely anecdotal experience, it seems like games are getting cheaper for PC (even though they are just as hard, if not harder to make), even if you ignore the reduced cost of online deliveries.

            It seems reasonable that developers would want people to buy as much of their product as possible. One method of doing that is just to reduce the price. If the profit per unit is less, but you sell more products, you still come out on top.

            Of course, if the PS4 still allows traded games than this is pretty much never going to happen. I'm not at all suggesting that PS4 has made a mistake here (I buy used games too!).

            Some developers of console games have been pushing us to buy new games for years anyway. They put single-use codes for special unlocks, or lock the multiplayer to a code which comes in the box.

      And how many have said 'yeah I'm really glad I can't trade my PC games any more'?

      I bring my games to my friends place to get some good ol' split screen co-op going.
      I don't want to have to do anything more than bring the disc to do this.

      Also I occasionally rent party games and get together with people to play them in all there awesome/awfulness.

      XBone says no.

        Bring the disc, log into your account. You're all good.

        Even if you're not going round there and want to play MP online with your friend and he doesn't have the game - make him one of your 10 family members - and he can download it from the shared library and play online with you.

        Going overseas? Staying somewhere with XboxOne in the house? Didn't pack your entire games collection? Log into your account, play all your games.

        I don't buy second hand games, (I just wait for a price drop if i don't want to pay launch price, and usually save more than the $5-10 preowned price difference) , I keep the games I buy, and my internet works (I also have a decent mobile with a data plan that's surely up to accommodating a few Mb of login data via WiFi tether) - so for me the pluses outweigh the minuses.

        Not for everyone if you sell your games on, lack internet (or play regularly locally with friends who lack internet), or if you buy a lot of second hand games - and that's cool. No worries. I can see why they'd be frustrated.
        I'll be fine, and the only time I'll need to insert the game disc is for the first install. I plan to use an external 1tb USB 3.0 hdd for game installs, also portable if i want to take some games to a friends house. And by default, if my friend had an Xbox One, he'll have internet access

      My thoughts too. As a predominately PC gamer I have never lent or borrowed games and I have a PS3 and have never wanted to pass those games on or sell them either. I can't see the fuss about the 24 hour online call home business either. I have the internet hooked up at home and my games will be bought through legitimate channels, so I don't care if it calls Redmond everyday. If I decided to take my Xbox on a holiday I'll tether it to my phone if it gets home sick.

      Actually, one more thought on this. Is the game tied to the console, or the user?

      I can download my profile to any xbox, so if it's tied to my account, can't I download my profile and play the game at a friends house?


      PC games aren't comparable here. Because the used game market for PC is virtually non-existent because of the pirate-able nature of 90% of PC games.

    Not to mention that Sony continues to make games not region locked for PS4, YAY !!

    No real need to look at everything - the PS4 comes out on top in price, no phone home, and second hand games.

    Nothing can save the xbox now.

    Is there a run down on supported media formats yet, for both devices?
    I like Xbox for it's HTPC value but until I know what it can play, I'll leave 'em both in the wind!

    Wait a second... the PS4 has no WiFi? So is that going to be an additional $ to get it? My modem is near my PC which is a fair distance to my current PS3 and Xbox 360. Not sure how that will go, not having WiFi on the PS4.

      Yes it does - that's what "IEEE 802.11 b/g/n" is. They just put the letters "WiFi" in the Xbone column and not the PS4 for some reason.

        And for some reason they omitted the 'Gigabit' in front of Ethernet on the PS4 side as well. Both platforms have gigabit network cards.

      802.11b/g/n is wifi, the list just doesnt use the word Wifi for the PS4 side.

    Good even-handed article. I'm an Xbox supporter and even I agree that Sony won this round.

    However, this isn't the hyperbolic downfall of the Xbox. There is plenty of time for MS to listen to the market that is not yet ready to embrace a fully digital environment. If anything, they should at least allow offline play if the disc is in the drive.

    I really think Xbox is thinking ahead with it's design. The market is becoming a digital marketplace. But they might be thinking too far ahead and have missed a few steps in between. The transition might be too much of a step for consumers to take.

    Final thoughts. These E3 presentations both need more personality from its presenters. I feel that the wrong people are on the stage. They are either not excited, faking enthusiasm. or just don't know how to vamp when things go wrong (looking at you EA). They need people who can go off script and just talk about their products.

    That said, Jack Tretton was clearly enjoying himself, especially when announcing the policy for trading games and DRM. That was a gimmie.

      Until they all get serious with their pricing of digitally delivered content, nobody is going to trust them with that kind of fully digital environment.

      Look at the cost of buying a game on PSN/XBL vs the cost of buying that game on disc somewhere like JB or even EB. It's always considerably more expensive to download it, and that's before you offset the potential trade in value of the physical copy, which makes the gap even greater. Same with movies - I can buy a movie on BluRay cheaper than I can buy it digitally off the PS Store, so why would I go for the digital option?

      So if that's what they're offering now, it is absolutely no surprise that people get up in arms when they try taking away the option of those cheaper physical copies. People embraced digital services like iTunes because they offered music considerably cheaper than buying on CD. People embraced Steam because it's cheaper than buying boxed software. But iTunes and Steam have competition to keep them honest. Once consoles go all-digital, it'll be a single store front (XBL or PSN) and there will be no competition, physical or digital, to limit their pricing. So if the prices they're charging for digital content is obscene now, while there's still competition from physical sales, why should we think it won't be a lot worse once there's only 1 place to buy from?

      They have made it clear that they're not backing down with the online crap, just digging their own grave.

    Future-proofing goes to xBox because of cloud services???
    I tend to disagree here, the cloud rendering is pointless unless you have fast enought broadband (and enough quota) to take advantage of it, otherwise it will be hard to have what it's rendering in sync with the rest of the game. This sort of thing is actualy a small patch away if Sony wanted to do the same... I mean this is how they are doing BC. Of course with MS it comes at a price, you must have a net connection and it must validate once every 24 hours... this seems to me to be the exact opposite of "future-proofing". If the validation server gets shut down, you can't play games, if the cloud render farm gets shut down the single player game looks worse or doesn't work, if your net connection is not good enough, your game looks worse or becomes unplayable.
    I'd give the PS4 the "Future-proofing" on the grounds that you can be sure that a PS4 will still function correctly in 20 years (though there may no longer be any BC or PSN), and the xBox One could just be a DVR.

    I'm not sure the Multimedia Centre is all that clear cut either, as Sony keep coming up with new partners and I suspect there will be a Play TV for PS4... I suspect xbox is the winner, as they where trying to be a multimedia system that plays games, and Sony try to be a games system that does multimedia... but it seems a lot closer than I'd have expected.

      As far as future-proofing and cloud services goes, there's also the potential of Sony's Gaikai streaming service. If the internet infrastructure gets up to speed over the next decade or so, then theoretically there might not need to be another console after PS4, since PS5 (and PS6, PS7, etc) games could (and I'll say it again - theoretically) be streamed directly from the cloud to your PS4, requiring no future hardware investment ever again.

      So yeah, if we're going to talk about potential pie-in-the-sky future-proofing options, Sony have got their bases covered.

    That table is WRONG.
    XBOX One uses DDR3 and NOT GDDR3.

    AND it does NOT have a "used-game fee".

    Last edited 12/06/13 1:00 pm

    Ahh, console wars, console wars never change... There is a good reason console wars are banned from most decent forums, it's because all it is, is just flame bait.

    It doesn't matter what people think it better, we wont know that answer for another couple of years when these consoles are out roaming the world of video games because of course everything sounds better on paper.

    Gamers bitch and whine about the restrictions imposed on the Xbox One but how many will put their money where their mouths are and actually not go out and buy one? not many i bet. I personally do not feel comfortable with the Kinect always watching me, i know Microsoft says that you can turn it off but the best way to turn something off is to unplug it and the whole "no used game" thing doesn't actually bother me because the games i do buy i don't trade in. So i wont be buying a Xbox One.

    There is really nothing to complain about when it comes to the PS4, other then yesterdays Watch Dogs demo, nothing really wowed me, it was funny to see Sony go for Microsoft's jugular but nothing at the moment screaming to me that i should go out and pre-order it right away.

    Either way there are only 4 games on my radar for the rest of the year and they are Watch Dogs, Rise of the Triad and Grand Theft Auto 5 and maybe Saints Row IV. Three i am going to buy on PC and the other PS3.

    i agree with most of this, except the controller, the joystick placemnet on the xbox is horrid, i much prefer the Playstaiton Dualshock

    PS4's hard drive can be upgraded as well, the Xbox one cannot.

    Why not have both?

    *cue Mexican music*

      I feel like carrying you on my shoulders right now.

    Why does the chart at the bottom of the article shows that PS4 also has Component RCA output when the tech specs here:

    only shows HDMI and optical?

    I've just about lost interest in the next gen consoles. I just want to play games dammit! I don't want to get all social, or record my gameplay, or hook my tv into my console etc etc..

    A few things that stand out for me.. Future-proofing? I think it's safe to assume that no console will ever be future proof. Look at the push to digital downloads.. We've spent the last few years being encouraged to buy digital games from Xbox Live and PSN, at FULL RETAIL prices, yet none of them will work on the new consoles. At least disk-based games could be traded in toward the cost of the new console. Effectively, it's just another rental service. If I buy a digital product, I want it to have the lifespan of the physical product. Sure, we could all keep PS3's and Xbox 360s hooked up, but who wants all the extra cables and power and space wastage?

    Personally, I think it's about time games went the way of CDs and DVDs... One format for all, then let MS, Sony, Nintendo, and whomever else wants a piece of the pie duke it out with features that extend beyond basic game play. Maybe then, it would be possible games could drop in price as developers wouldn't need to work on multiple platforms, and exclusive tie-ins would be non-existent.

    Why anyone bothers with digital downloads on consoles when they know the game will be a useless pile of 1s and 0s in the not to distant future is beyond me. Halve the price, due to no distribution, packaging etc costs and it would be more acceptable, but at full retail price, and often $30 more than a Big W new release price is just rubbish.

    Few things that jump out at me.
    What is GDDR and how does it compare to DDR. And having GDDR5 would have to be significantly better than GDDR3.
    I haven't been following PC components since I built my last computer but I've never heard of GDDR5 let alone DDR4.

    PS4 should have BT4.0 not 2.1 and it needs more than 2 USB ports.
    Replaceable and upgradable HDD is a huge plus. And more importunately it's standard laptop hard drives not proprietary BS. Not sure if Xbone does that.

    Custom CPU is in my opinion something to be cautious about. I'm not a huge AMD fan but at least they know what they are doing. Having custom components also means custom problems.

    Biggest thing for me though is region locking. It's a bloody annoying thing and I'm very glad PS4 doesn't have it.
    I understand the theory behind it but I think region free allows for fairer pricing of content.

    clearly the Wii U wins hands down! it has Mario and Zeldaaaaaaaaa

    1 Thing you forgot Giz was that the PS4 will require Playstation Plus monthly subscription to play games online! its 1 sub for all games, but that blows Chunks! PS4 Still wins. And I will win when Sony sells its operating system/custom PCI card that emulates/virtualizes the sony O/S allowing me to play all their games on my 3 times as powerful AMD PC I already own

    I struggle to see how teenagers can readily afford these overpriced devices?? True cost would be $800 up once you get a couple of games, controllers, cables, etc.
    Anyway...why should I care as an adult with no children yet. Enjoy to all young ppl before they get a real life!

    Do either consoles come with a sun roof as factory standard ?

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