Phillips Shaver Review: Functional When Wet

Phillips Shaver Review: Functional When Wet

There are many different ways to have a shave. Is the philips Aquatouch foil shaver the best way?

What Is It?

A waterproof, three-foil shaver to get the crap off your face of a morning.

What’s Good?

First of all, it’s waterproof. Fantastic! If you’re making a rotary foil shaver that can’t be at least dunked in your sink by accident or at most kept in your shower so you can do two things at once, you’re living in crazy-town.

Second, the philips has a really great foil design that almost caters to the contours and nuances of one’s face. The three foils actually curve in when pressure is applied to the middle, so doing areas like your chin, for example, will work out quite nicely.

It also comes with a straight styling trimmer so you can do your sideburns or any other area that might need a trim.

The battery also lasts for ages between charges. I went about two weeks without recharging and didn’t notice a drop in speed or quality on the razor.

What’s Bad?

The quality of the shave the philips gives you is what I would call a functional shave. What I mean by that is: you’ll look clean-shaven from a distance, but anyone who gets up close will be able to see the whiskers that the philips missed. Worst of all, you’ll know they’re there, and if you’re as paranoid as me, you’ll think that everyone can see your crappy shave and wonder why nobody taught you to do it right.

This would all be acceptable if the philips actually took less time to complete than a traditional disposable razor, but it doesn’t. If anything, it takes a little longer to do.

Should You Buy It?

The Aquatouch is a decent foil shaver for your $199, but it’s worth keeping in mind how annoying it is to do the “corners” of your face with it. If you’re not concerned about that, however, dive right in.