Pentax’s Q7 Interchangeable-Lens Camera Is Tiny Like A Point-And-Shoot

When you first see Pentax’s new Q5 interchangeable-lens camera, you think your brain is playing tricks on you. How can it be so small? This must be a replica. But then you hold it in your hand, and squee with delight because it’s so maddeningly adorable.

The Q7 is the follow-up to last-year’s Q10. Pentax’s concept for these little guys is to take the mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera and turn it into something between a retro Lomo film camera and a point-and-shoot.

Of course, to shrink the interchangeable-lens design down to that cuddly size, Pentax had to use a point-and-shoot-sized 1/1.7-inch sensor (the same size as the chip in the excellent Canon S110), as well as design a new range of lenses for the format.

It’s an odd design choice, which is clearly targeted at people who want to be able to swap between different lenses but refuse to compromise the slightest bit on size. How many of these people exist? Who knows. But plenty of people will doubtless be wond over by the 120 different colour possibilities and the irresistible size.

The Pentax Q7 is available for pre-order now for $US500.