Panasonic Makes A Good Case For Splurging On This Slick Angular Kettle

In a time when everything from coffeemakers to refrigerators can boil water for your coffee or tea, a dedicated electric kettle almost seems like a waste of counter space. So how does a company like Panasonic convince you a kettle is still worth keeping around? Especially a kettle that costs $180? With convenient induction technology and an ultra-modern, angular, space-saving design that also happens to serve as perfect eye candy for your kitchen.

Of course the abrupt corners and straight lines of the NC-ZK1 aren't for everybody. Nor is the price tag if the $20 kettle you've had since university is still going strong. But with a 1.4-litre capacity, a cool to the touch stainless steel housing, and a smooth induction base that doesn't care how the kettle is positioned, the NC-ZK1 is as functional as it is lovely. If you're worried about losing the war on counter space, the kettle's square design allows it to slip tight into any corner so it's out of the way when not needed. But who'd want to hide this masterpiece away?

[Panasonic via Fancy]

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