Opera Next’s Mail Client Is Now Its Very Own Desktop App

The arguably unnecessary race to “revolutionise email” just found another contender in Norwegian software company Opera. After stripping its Opera 15 browser of a mail client, the group is officially releasing Opera Mail as a standalone desktop app.

The Mail app conveniently makes use of tabs in the same way you might see in a browser-based version, but with all the added functionality of a full desktop client. Conversations are held in threads, but the fun part here is that you can dismiss them by choosing to “Ignore Thread”, leaving you to be free of the offending topic forever more. As expected, you can fully customise filters and labels to your hearts content.

So while this might not be anything that new, if you’re an Opera fan looking for a speedy (and more importantly free) mail app, this doesn’t seem like a bad bet at all. You can head over to Opera’s website and try it out for yourself right now. [Opera]