Old-School Phones Can Still Teach Us A Thing About Cable Management

If you haven’t replaced your plethora of old Apple dock connector cables with fancy new Lightning cords, you might want to consider Sanwa’s alternative before you do. Even though mobile phones have all but replaced old-school phones with tethered handsets, those ‘outdated’ models can apparently still teach us something about keeping cords tidy. Namely that those self-retracting twisted cables are still pretty handy.

Available from Sanwa in black or white so they match your handset or tablet, the USB-only cables will cost you $23 so if you want to charge from an outlet, you’re still going to need to shell out for an adaptor. But how often do you find yourself without access to a powered USB port anyways? Now if only they could revive old-school operators to head off anyone actually trying to call you at the pass. [Sanwa via Akihabara News]