Of Course There’s Already A Petition To Change iOS 7

Of Course There’s Already A Petition To Change iOS 7

Change is a difficult yet inevitable part of life. Everything changes. From your lifestyle to your eating habits, right down to your mobile phone. Jony Ive’s reimagined iOS 7 is a few months away now, and already there’s a petition from someone who wants to change it back to the way it was…or, is.

The petition — lodged on Change.org by a disgruntled Aussie — asks for Jony Ive and Apple to not only change iOS 7 back to something more familiar, but also to not steal stuff from other manufacturers:

To keep the familiar and praised usability for consumers of Apple products and the innovative spirit, please take the following into consideration:
• change the overall colour palette of iOS 7 from cute and too colourful to more serious but yet pleasing and classy • change the overall visual inconsistency and confusion throughout iOS 7 to a more consistent and sophisticated feeling • make iOS 7 feel less inspired of the competitor’s products but more unique and distinguishable from other smartphones’ interfaces and nearer to the company’s previous efforts • make text on iOS 7 more legible, by using better typography


The petition needs 1 million signatures, right now it has only a handful.

Here’s an idea: don’t like iOS 7? Don’t upgrade. [Change.org]