NoteSuite For iPad: Meet Evernote’s New, Subscription-Free Competition

NoteSuite For iPad: Meet Evernote’s New, Subscription-Free Competition

After finding success with note-taking/to-do app Projectbook last year, has decided to overhaul their signature productivity app and take it a step further. Now, hoping to go head-to-head with big dogs like Evernote, the developers are officially re-releasing the app as NoteSuite — the potential answer to all your disorganised digital life woes.

What Does It Do?

Just like its first incarnation, NoteSuite still you take notes and make to-do lists, but that’s only a very small portion of the new beast. You can also annotate essentially any type of content (web pages, articles, PDFs, etc.), clip web pages, record audio, and search through various file types as one. Your data will sync across your various devices (which would be limited to Macs and iPads at this point).

Why Do We Like It?

One of the biggest differences between this and Evernote is that you’re not going to have to pay any sort of subscription fee, and you still get virtually all the perks. And the annotation function on the app is fantastic. Nothing is safe from your highlighting, annotating, signing, typing fingers — you can write and draw on practically any document by converting it to a PDF. The fact that search can work across files that haven’t been converted or organised is another huge bonus. And if you were already a ProjectBook user, you can nab the update totally free. Of course, the fact that there’s no iPhone version yet is a pretty big mark in the “con” column — but the app is young, hopefully a more mobile-friendly edition is soon to come.


Download this app for: iPad ($1.99)
The best part: no subscription fee
The worst part: no iPhone version