Nokia Purity Pro Headphones Review: Drowning Out The World Comes At A Price

Nokia Purity Pro Headphones Review: Drowning Out The World Comes At A Price

These headphones are full-on, and we don’t just mean the sound.

What Is It?

The Nokia Purity Pro headphones is a pair noise-cancelling, Bluetooth-enabled headphones. They’ll set you back $349.

What’s Good?

The Purity Pro does a lot of things right.

First and foremost, the noise-cancelling is great. It won’t drown out all the sound around you, but it takes the bass tones out of the sound, allowing your music to drown out the rest. Perfect.

Presumably you’re going to want to crank your favourite track up to 11, and you can do that on the Purity Pro without letting the person next to you on the bus in on the action. From our tests, we couldn’t find any sound leakage even in the quietest of offices.

That, on top of the excellent noise-cancelling makes for a very nice listening experience.

Plus, you’ll be listening for ages: the Purity Pro headphones run for days. I took them on a flight to London and back without having to charge them. Running them wirelessly gets you about 20 hours of battery.

What’s Bad?

The controls on the back of the headphones are a bit weird. The Play/Pause, Skip and Volume functions work nicely when used wirelessly, but they deactivate when you plug the cable in. That’s because these headphones are primarily designed for Nokia Lumia handsets (naturally), so be prepared to get fiddly when you want to change songs on your Android or iOS device.

Also, from $350 headphones, you’d expect the sound to be a little better. Volume isn’t as loud as it could be and the bass and mid-tones are missing that “oomph” if you will.

Worst of all on these headphones, though, is the way you look while wearing them. Make no mistake: no matter what colour you get these in, you will look like an idiot outdoors.

Should You Buy It?

If you’re happy to look a bit silly for the sake of great sound, then the Purity Pro headphones are for you. A pro-tip to turn down the level of silly you’ll have to endure is to buy these headphones in black: a slightly less ostentatious colour.