New York City's New Subway Tunnel Looks Like A Level From Half-Life

New York City's Metro Transit Authority is still plugging away on its giant project to bring the the 7 train into far west Manhattan, and the scope of the construction is just as awe-inspiring as ever. The MTA just put out a crop of new pictures on Flickr, and we just can't help but see a slight comparison to a certain, classic Half-Life level of old.

The graphics are a lot better in real life, but you can't deny shades of "On a Rail" up in this. You know, with a few more cranes and a lot less houndeyes. And man, the anti-aliasing is to die for.

The work won't be finished until the summer of 2014, but in the meantime things look like they're coming along nicely. We're finally starting to see a subway, and not just a hole in the ground. Let's just hope they don't run into a Gargantua down there.


Pictures: MTAPhotos/Flickr

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