Moment Camera: A Better iOS Camera App Without The Crap

Moment Camera: A Better iOS Camera App Without The Crap

At this point, the quality of your iPhone’s camera has far surpassed Apple’s dinky little stock app. And if you’re ready to size up, the iTunes App Store runneth over with alternative camera apps — and don’t even get me started on the filters. Moment Camera, however, gives you the experience your camera deserves.

What does it do?

Opens with a bright, minimal UI that stays as out of the way as possible until you need to call on a specific feature. Tap anywhere on the screen to manually focus on that specific object, and you can choose one of the near-transparent buttons up top to adjust flash, activate sequential shots, set the timer or show a variety of framing grids. Basically, some of the most requested features with none of the clutter.

Why do we like it?

Moment Camera is a huge improvement to Apple’s proprietary camera app both in user experience and aesthetic appeal. But one of our favourite things isn’t what it does but rather what it leaves out. So many other camera alternative hopefuls try so hard to overcompensate for what Apple lacks that they end up making themselves nearly unusable. Here, however, you get some very handy and, more importantly, easy to use features give you more control without diminishing the user experience. Anyone with more lofty camera aspirations probably won’t be satisfied with what Moment Camera has to offer, but for everyone else, it might be exactly what you never knew you were looking for.

Moment Camera

Download this app for: iOS ($0.99)
The best part: clean, clutter-free interface
The worst part: camera nuts may want something more