MacBook Air 2013 Teardown: So Much Battery

12 hours of battery life on the 2013 MacBook Air is simply ridiculous (though it’s also sort of ridiculous that it’s ridiculous). iFixit’s task force took apart this year’s MBA, which is pretty identical to last year’s MBA, to see what’s new and how it can squeeze so much juice.

iFixit found that the 2013 MacBook Air had a 7.6 V, 7150 mAh battery. Which is surprising because that’s only a slight upgrade compared to the 2012 MacBook Air’s 7.3 V, 6700 mAh battery. Maybe the much smaller flash drive plays a part in the battery savings? That new SSD is like half the size! iFixit also found the updated Airport card (now with 802.11ac), a new heat sink clamp and two microphones. Check out all thats new in the guts of a MacBook Air over at iFixit. [iFixit]