Live With Your Parents In Style In This Split-Level Palace

One of the best parts of home ownership (I imagine) is having a place that’s all to yourself. Unfortunately, in the beautiful Wall House you’d have to share some space, but when that space looks like this, it would be hard to mind it.

Designed by architecture firm FARM, the Wall House is actually a two-family home, made-to-order for a retired couple living in Singapore and their adult child. The result was this spacious 1116sqm complex boasting common areas like a courtyard, and pool, while keeping the actual living areas separate. Basically, it’s the best dorm suite ever.

The house is actually two separate structures: a one-storey building holds the complex’s shared spaces while a larger two-storey building houses both master bedroom suites on different floors, like a tiny apartment complex. And those apartments are beautiful; the top floor even has its own rooftop garden.

It’s not the most traditional layout, but if you’re going to live with your parents long-term, you couldn’t ask for a better, more awesome setup than this. Don’t worry; having your own dinky studio apartment is very cool and adult of you! But it’s probably OK to be a little jealous.

[FARM via Gizmag]