Is Uber About To Launch In New Zealand?

Is Uber About To Launch In New Zealand?

This year saw private car service Uber bring its own brand of transport down to Australia, and now we’re all wondering what’s next for the company? Will it open in more cities than Melbourne and Sydney, or will it hop the trench and set up shop in New Zealand first? New job postings point towards the latter, actually.

Job postings spotted earlier today by The Verge show that Uber is looking for people in South Korea and even closer to home in New Zealand.

Here’s the role:

Community Manager — Auckland

Uber is spreading throughout Australasia, and it’s your job to spread the word! We use many tools to gain attention: host parties, press meet ups, event partnerships, social media, etc. Bring your creativity!
• Find the transportation pulse of the city and identify new ways to get the Uber experience in front of new users.
Spread the UberLOVE by creating exciting blog & social web content.
• Identify and engage community advocates who are equally passionate about exploring your city and being saved from the depressing alternative.
• You’ll be in charge of giving our customers our “Holy Awesome-sauce” service and inspiring our growing user base to share the Uber experience.
• Tame upset riders and turn them into passionate evangelists. Respond to emails & support issues promptly.
Monitor Twitter, Facebook & other relevant sites and actively participate in discussions across communities, social networks & blogs.
• Work closely with our engineering & operations teams to streamline process and assist in intelligently scaling a vibrant business.

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