New iPhone Apps: Figure 1, Skymotion, And More

It was a huge week for Apple — especially anything software related. While we'll have to wait and see how the fruits of WWDC's labour turn out, there's plenty of other app makers out there still churning away. And as you can see in this week's set of apps, they've got some good stuff.

SkyMotion: Weather apps are a dime a dozen, but accurate weather apps are a little more rare. For most of them, you'd be better off tossing a coin to try to figure out if it's actually going to rain or not. And that's where SkyMotion shines — down to the minute. [Free]

Filedrop: We finally have AirDrop for iOS — which is great news! But that still doesn't change the fact that you can only share between Apple devices, leaving your Windows brethren high and dry. Fortunately, a similar service called Filedrop just hit iOS, meaning you're free to share and share alike. [Free]

Figure 1: There are not — nor will there ever be — any filters in Figure 1, a new iOS photo-sharing app that approximates the fruit of an unholy union between Instagram and the Discovery Health Channel. Instead, clarity is key, since the app supplies users with a steady photo stream of very real, very not-for-the-faint-of-heart medical oddities and diseases. [Free]

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