New iPad Apps: Slooh, Filedrop, And More

What better way to make your Monday more interesting than with new iPad apps?

Slooh: Way back in 2009, Slooh opened up its space telescope service to the everyman, meaning common folk could explore space and take live, high-res photos at their leisure — for a small fee, of course. In the same vein, their new iPad app lets you take space shots on the go, all for $US2 a pop. There are also special "missions" that get updated weekly, giving your random sky snapping more of an aim. Currently only for iPad, Slooh plans to release Android and iPhone versions... eventually. [$2 per photo]

Crayon Physics Deluxe: Though the HD iPad version came out several months ago, the release of the Android app has finally introduced us to the wonders of Crayon Physics. The game itself is addictingly fun, but the whimsical graphics are an added delight. Essentially, you just have to get a ball to move across the screen by drawing an appropriate path for it to follow using the laws of physics. There are, of course, increasingly difficult-to-traverse bumps thrown in along the way. Best part? You don't even need to have a smidgeon of talent. [$3]

Filedrop: We finally have AirDrop for iOS — which is great news! But that still doesn't change the fact that you can only share between Apple devices, leaving your Windows brethren high and dry. Fortunately, a similar service called Filedrop just hit iOS, meaning you're free to share and share alike. [Free]

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